naked in nicaragua (again)

Naked in Nicaragua (Again)

Tonight 10/9c

In this special edition of last week's Naked and Afraid, dive deeper into Amanda and Joshua's adventure in Nicaragua. We bare more with new facts and information about the survivalists and their location.

Naked Confessions: After the Nicaragua Nightmare

Naked Introduction: Amanda and Joshua Meet

are we next?

Are We Next?

Thurs Beginning 9/8c

Thousands of Africans are dying of Ebola and doctors are risking their own lives to save them. On Thursday's "Ebola: Are We Next: Saving Dr. Brantly" and "Ebola: Inside the Deadly Outbreak," Discovery gives an in-depth investigation of the Ebola virus, straight from the people impacted by the outbreak.

The Ebola Virus: Resources and News

DNews: Could Ebola Become Airborne?

under the ice

Under the Ice

Grounds for Divorce

Gold fever is on the rise in Nome, Alaska as the season's end draws near. The deep waters of the Bering Sea put one miner's health at risk and his partnership on the rocks. Will he finish the season with his life and partnership intact?

Photos: The Christine Rose

Puzzles: Bering Sea Gold Puzzles

blood & mud

Blood & Mud

A Not So Cool Million

Kevin Lacey manages to snatch a one million dollar Falcon 20, but it's not easy. After confronting a debtor he has a long, rocky history with, Kevin ends up bruised and battered. Meanwhile, Mike Kennedy is called in to repo a Cessna 208 Caravan used in the illegal trafficking of exotic animals.

Ken Has Backup: Thank You Danny!

Games: Name the Plane

snow, cold and darkness

Snow, Cold and Darkness

Sat 7/6c

A classic ATLF episode returns this Saturday night, featuring all-new interviews and revealing stories! On Saturday, a desperate search for a newborn calf forces Charlotte and August into a snowstorm.

Videos: The Best of Season 1

Quiz: What Do You Know About Alaska?

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Yukon Men: Doomed on a Collision Course Play

Yukon Men: Doomed on a Collision Course

While Joey attempted to float a two-ton truck down the Yukon River on last night's Yukon Men, his father Stan also had river problems. After running out of fuel, Stan found himself on a boat that was on a crash course amongst jagged rocks and driftwood.

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Bering Sea Gold: Sleepless on the Sea Play

Bering Sea Gold: Sleepless on the Sea

Vernon and his daughter Elaine have a long history of butting heads on Bering Sea Gold, but last week Vernon accused Elaine of letting her life outside of work affect her performance. Needless to say, Elaine was NOT too happy to hear this from her dad.

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Highway to Sell: Surf Wagon Wipeout (Full Episode) Play

Highway to Sell: Surf Wagon Wipeout (Full Episode)

Did you miss the awesome 1962 Chrysler Newport restoration on Highway to Sell this Monday? Don't worry - the full episode is now available on Watch as Dennis and Slick partner with the Brooklyn-born Newport owner - will he part with his car or buy it back?

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Shark Week: Shark of Darkness

Shark Week: Shark of Darkness

Perhaps the most talked about topic coming out of Shark Week this year was the unbelievable tale of the Submarine shark. Shark researcher Mel Thurmond had been searching for this enormous great white shark for years and now believes it's responsible for a tragic accident in South Africa's Hout Bay.

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Naked and Afraid: Grasshopper Day Play

Naked and Afraid: Grasshopper Day

Feeling the effects of contaminated water and not enough sustenance, Ashley quickly tapped out in her Naked and Afraid challenge. Michael, on the other hand, was determined to find protein - even if it meant eating a few grasshoppers.

Shark Week: Seal Decoy Cam

Shark Week: Seal Decoy Cam

South Africa's infamous Seal Island may be named after the great number of Cape Fur seals that occupy it, but it's also known for the great white sharks lurking in the area. For Shark Week program Air Jaws: Fin of Fury, shark researchers deployed a seal decoy to document great whites leaping out of the water.

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