fnl mini-marathon

FNL Mini-Marathon

Tonight Beginning 6/5c

Do you miss the awesome car restorations from the Gas Monkey crew? Then don't miss this mini-marathon of popular episodes from Season 2. In a two-part episode, the crew looks to restore a 1968 Shelby Mustang with engine problems and a 1966 Lotus Cortina.

The Beer Fridge: Join the Conversation!

Photos: Before & After Restoration

naked in nicaragua (again)

Naked in Nicaragua (Again)

Tonight 10/9c

In this special edition of last week's Naked and Afraid, dive deeper into Adam and Jaclyn's adventure in Nicaragua. We bare more with new facts and information about the survivalists and their location.

Vegetarian Crisis: Will She Eat Meat?

Naked Hooting: Signal If Danger Nearby

road rage

Road Rage

New Episode

The MythBusters test three car crimes straight from Hollywood: the cliff top push, the two-wheel wipeout, and finally the Corvette barrel roll from "Wanted." Are these car tricks just Hollywood magic or could they actually happen?

Kablooey! Adam's Road Rage Accident

Ask Jamie: How Does He Keep His Cool?

back to the bush

Back to the Bush

Fri Beginning 7/6c

Head back to the bush with exclusive updates from the Browns in this special pair of episodes from Season 1 of Alaskan Bush People. Watch what happens to the Browns as they race to complete building their new home in the frigid wilderness of Alaska.

Playlist: Meet the Browns

Bush Personality Test: Which Brown Are You?

season 2 marathon

Season 2 Marathon

Sat Beginning 6/5c

The Kilchers return to Discovery this Saturday with a marathon of popular Season 2 episodes. Head back to the Alaskan homestead as the Kilchers prepare for one of the harshest winters they've ever faced.

Live Cams: Otto's Yard

Photos: Eve and Elvin's Baby Findlay

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Deadliest Catch: Horns from Hell

Deadliest Catch: Horns from Hell

On last night's episode of Deadliest Catch, Cape Caution greenhorn Myles Johnson joined a long list of greenhorns who have caused trouble for their captains. But he was far from the worst greenhorn. The fans voted - now see who was voted the horn from hell!

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Naked and Afraid: Nude in Nicaragua Play

Naked and Afraid: Nude in Nicaragua

It's hard enough to find food in the wilderness when you're open to eating anything, but when you're a vegetarian, it's a whole different challenge. Go back to the moment that Jaclyn first began her adventure in Nicaragua and don't miss the encore episode tonight 10/9c.

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Deadliest Catch: Top 10 Moments from Season 10 Play

Deadliest Catch: Top 10 Moments from Season 10

With Season 10 drawing to a close, Discovery.com is counting down our favorite moments from this season. Although our #7 moment was a sad one, it played an important part in Season 10. After suffering from back pains early in the season, Captain Scott Campbell, Jr. received some bad news.

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MythBusters: Bracket Game Round 3

MythBusters: Bracket Game Round 3

The MythBusters bracket game to find the ultimate MythBusters moment continues today with Round 3 of "did that just happen?" moments. Which was your favorite: the bridge boom or Adam's upturned car?

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MythBusters: Adam's Belly Build Play

MythBusters: Adam's Belly Build

At San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, the MythBusters crew was on hand to give convention-goers an exclusive preview of what's in store for MythBusters in 2015. Now you can watch the video that premiered during the Comic Con panel!

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Shark Feed: A Shark Shield?

Shark Feed: A Shark Shield?

A shield that prevents sharks from coming too close to divers may sound silly, but it could save lives. An Australian based company has launched a product that uses electrodes and an antenna to create an electric shield that can scare sharks away.

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