thanksgiving on the homestead

Thanksgiving on the Homestead

Homesteaders who work together, give thanks together. Join the Kilcher family as they celebrate Thanksgiving with the friends who helped prepare the homestead for the winter.

Kilcher Secrets: Atz Lee and Jane On Gardening

Unique Eats: Food on the Homestead

one nasty nova

One Nasty Nova

Part I

It's time for the Fired Up Garage guys to shine! With a special start time of 9/8c, they step into the spotlight while working on an awesome 1965 Chevy Nova. Did you know that the name Nova replaced the name Chevy II in 1969?

Trouble in Paradise: Paint on the Mustang?!

Crew Bios: Who's Who at Fired Up

show us what you got

Show Us What You Got

You Could Be On Naked and Afraid!

Think you could handle wilderness survival better than our naked survivalists? Show us what you got! Two lucky winners will be given the chance to take survival training and be on an episode of the show!

Full Episodes: Watch Now!

Naked Confessions: Hear How They Did It

demolition theater

Demolition Theater

Mon 10/9c

Fails are on the menu for this special Thanksgiving episode of Demolition Theater. Richard, Aaron and the Gas Monkey crew witness a Thanksgiving prank that sends a family's dinner flying! And, in tonight's montage, it's attack of the Turkey!

Aaron's 101: Learn From the Pro!

Pretty N' Pink: Painting the Caddy

risky whiskey

Risky Whiskey

A New Kind of 'Shine?

Josh and Bill rebuild bigger and better. Lance takes a risk on a new kind of whiskey, while Jeff and Mark prep their indoor still site. Tickle and crew battle the elements in Kentucky. Tim gives the North Carolina distillery a backwoods makeover.

Tim's New Facility: Get a Sneak Peek

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Alaska: The Last Frontier: The Kilcher's Unique Eats Play

Alaska: The Last Frontier: The Kilcher's Unique Eats

On tonight's special Thanksgiving episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier, the Kilchers gather together to give thanks to everyone who helped prepare their homestead for winter. To prepare for tonight's episode, check out this awesome playlist featuring some past Kilcher Thanksgivings.

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Gold Rush: Season 5 Video Highlights Play

Gold Rush: Season 5 Video Highlights

On Gold Rush this season so far, we've seen a lot of ups and downs for the gold mining crews. While Todd was finally able to get his crew back together, Parker struggled with his. Check out some of the highlights from this season and don't miss Gold Rush, every Fri 9/8c!

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