rising sons

Rising Sons

The Ultimate Test

Charlie's livelihood is challenged when the son of a Tanana legend lays claim to his trap line. Joey and Bob embark on a bow and arrow hunt to secure food for the town elders. James leaves his young sons in the wilderness in the ultimate frontier test.

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bears and snares

Bears and Snares

Tonight 10/9c

The hit Animal Planet series about survivalists living on a lawless frozen lake comes to Discovery tonight. The ice lake residents stock up on supplies to get through the rest of winter, but it isn't easy. Fish are scarce, bears raid the lodge's meat supply, and snares must be clever to catch smart Northern game.

Photos: Meet the Survivalists

On Thin Ice: Great Slave Lake

naked in botswana (again)

Naked in Botswana (Again)

Wed 10/9c

In this special edition of last week's Naked and Afraid, dive deeper into Michael and Ashley's adventure in Botswana. We bare more with new facts and information about the survivalists and their location.

Naked Confessions: After Botswana

Not Safe For Work (NSFW): Bugs All Over

tigress blood

Tigress Blood

The Tiger Sisters

Tigress Blood is a coming of age story of four tiger sisters battling each other for control of their homeland. Mona, Geeta, Lara, and Sonam must choose: hunt together, or die. Instinct may tear them apart, but blood ties them together.

Photos: Meet the Tiger Sisters

Sister vs. Sister: A Tiger Swat to the Face

last tiger standing

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Alaska: The Last Frontier

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Yukon Men: Near Miss Play

Yukon Men: Near Miss

Tonight on Yukon Men (9/8c), it's on Joey and Bob to secure food for the elders by going on a bow and arrow hunting mission. Unfortunately for them, it's not going to be an easy task.

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Fast N' Loud: Join the Conversation!

Fast N' Loud: Join the Conversation!

What did you think of the C-10 pickup truck and Aaron's performance in the Pike's Peak Hill Climb race last night? Join the conversation by checking out Fast N' Loud's social page and use #FastNLoud to see your tweet or Facebook post added to the Beer Fridge!

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Naked and Afraid: Naked Confessions Play

Naked and Afraid: Naked Confessions

Honora was doubting Matt's ability to last 21 days in the Brazilian wilderness, but it turned out to be Matt who triumphed. For the first time since leaving Brazil, hear from Matt and Honora about their big breakup and Honora's scary blackout.

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New Special: Tigress Blood Play

New Special: Tigress Blood

This Thursday 9/8c, step into the lives of four tiger sisters living in the forests of central India. While instinct has taught them to battle each other for control of their homeland, a never-before-seen behavior in tigers may bring them back together.

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Shark Week; Shark Cage Cam

Shark Week; Shark Cage Cam

Not able to go on a shark cage diving experience of your own? Then try one of Discovery's virtual shark cams, including this one that was filmed from the inside of a shark cage. It's like you're really there!

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MythBusters: Safety vs. Creativity Play

MythBusters: Safety vs. Creativity

In the latest edition of Ask Jamie Hyneman Anything, Jamie tackles the tough topic of safety vs. creativity. How do you teach a child safety skills without squelching his or her creativity? A slightly baffled Jamie weighs in.

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Shark Week: Top 10 Bizarre Alien Sharks Play

Shark Week: Top 10 Bizarre Alien Sharks

Alien sharks, like the ghost shark and the lantern shark, live deep among the ocean's depths and are rarely seen in person. In this video playlist, take a look at some of the most bizarre looking sharks in the ocean.

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