winter takes all

Winter Takes All

Season Finale

On the season finale, James races to fortify his wood business and collides with another villager on the way. Meanwhile, Stan risks losing all his winter fish to the river. And unfortunately, tragedy blindsides Pat once again.

Stan's Engine Repair: See How He Does It

Online Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes Videos

the big move

The Big Move

Tonight 10/9c

The hit Animal Planet series about survivalists living on a lawless frozen lake comes to Discovery tonight. In the episode, Stephan and Allyce's home is beached and they must hoist their home up to dislodge a piece of ice.

Photos: Meet the Survivalists

An Ice Lake Wedding: Stephan and Allyce Get Married

new season, new beginnings

New Season, New Beginnings

Gold Rush Fridays are Back!

Last Friday Parker set an outrageous season goal of 2,000 ounces, Tony Beets bought a 75-year-old gold-catching dredge, and Todd Hoffman was a broken man looking for redemption. What will this week hold for them?

The Dirt: Todd Reads Mean Tweets

Gold Rush Proud: Win a Trip to the Dirt!

season marathon

Season Marathon

Wed Beginning 8/7c

The Kilchers have been hard at work on the Alaskan homestead so far this season. Catch up with the exciting events of Season 4 with an Alaska: The Last Frontier marathon Wednesday, beginning 8/7c.

Photos: Warm Winter Fallout

Poll: Could You Live Off the Grid?

season marathon

Season Marathon

Thurs Beginning 7/6c

Re-live the adventures in Tanana, Alaska from this season of Yukon Men with this Season 3 marathon. You'll learn even more about the residents of Tanana with added facts and bonus scenes.

Bios: Who's Who in Tanana

Joey Zuray: A Day in the Life

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Gold Rush: Pay Dirt (S5)

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Yukon Men: Behind the Scenes Play

Yukon Men: Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered how the residents of Tanana keep warm at temperatures 50 below zero? Or how they hunt and trap wolves? You can find the answers to these questions and more in this exclusive behind-the-scenes playlist.

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Gold Rush: Paid In Full (Full Episodes) Play

Gold Rush: Paid In Full (Full Episodes)

Full episodes of Gold Rush are now available on, including this classic episode from last season. In "Paid in Full," Todd made an incredible discovery while searching for hold-rich ground while Parker worked to stop Todd from repossessing his dozer.

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Gold Rush: The Dirt: Parker's New Look Play

Gold Rush: The Dirt: Parker's New Look

What does Parker think about his success in the jungle last season? On the premiere of The Dirt last week, Parker talked with executive producer Christo Doyle about a number of topics, including his new hairstyle.

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Skyscraper Live: The Grand Master Play

Skyscraper Live: The Grand Master

In just twelve days, Nik Wallenda will attempt a daring walk from skyscraper to skyscraper 60 stories above the streets of Chicago LIVE on Discovery! In this clip, Nik reflects on the career of his great-grandfather and explains how Karl Wallenda inspired him.

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Shark Week: Mega Shark Cam

Shark Week: Mega Shark Cam

For the Shark Week program Air Jaws: Fins of Fury, shark researcher Jeff Kurr and Water Armor Shark Protection created a one-man shark cage to safely capture footage of giant great whites off the coast of New Zealand. Take the dive with them and check out this awesome footage!

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