golden boy

Golden Boy

Dragged Through the Dirt

The gold miners run into some complications this week as Parker fights with his crew over running at night and Tony Beets twists a vistal steel frame on the dredge. Meanwhile, Todd, Jack, and Thurber tackle their first clean up.

Ride Shotgun with Parker: A Day in His Life

Gold Rush Proud: Win a Trip to The Dirt!

last days of winter

Last Days of Winter

Racing Against the Clock

The last days of winter are here and the future of McCarthy, Alaska lies in the balance. Jeremy tests his nine-year-old son with a risky solo dog sled run through the woods. Jason races the melting river crossings to reach his crashed airplane.

Miss the Series Premiere? Watch the Full Episode

Bios: Who's Who in McCarthy, Alaska

before the walk

Before the Walk

An Inside Look

As Nik Wallenda prepares for his most dangerous LIVE wire walk yet on Sunday in Chicago, revisit his past jaw dropping stunts and hear from members of his family and crew. It's all less than 24 hours before Skyscraper Live - Sunday beginning 7 ET/4 PT.

Take the Walk Yourself: 360 Degree Views

Behind the Scenes: The Days Before the Walk

before the walk
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Happy Halloween! Play

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Discovery! Get ready for today's festivities by watching these classic videos from the MythBusters "Fright Night" episode! We can smell your fear!

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Edge of Alaska: The Legend of Kennecott Play

Edge of Alaska: The Legend of Kennecott

In the isolated town of McCarthy, Alaska, many things aren’t as they seem. Take the Kennecott copper mine, for instance. Although it was abandoned years ago, a strange presence still lingers there. Don't miss Edge of Alaska tonight 10/9c!

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Win the Skyscraper Live Watch!

Win the Skyscraper Live Watch!

To commemorate Nik Wallenda's upcoming skyscraper walk, JEANRICHARD has created a unique timepiece featuring Nik on the wire. You can win this beautiful watch by following @Discovery and @JRWatches on Twitter and tweeting them with #WatchWallenda!

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Naked and Afraid: Beware the Bayou (Full Episode) Play

Naked and Afraid: Beware the Bayou (Full Episode)

Full episodes of Naked and Afraid are now available on! In "Beware the Bayou," Billy Berger and Ky Furneaux were dropped in the Lousiana swamplands to contend with deadly snakes and hungry alligators. Were they able withstand the stormy weather for 21 days?

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