naked in botswana (again)

Naked in Botswana (Again)

Tonight 10/9c

In this special edition of last week's Naked and Afraid, dive deeper into Michael and Ashley's adventure in Botswana. We bare more with new facts and information about the survivalists and their location.

Naked Confessions: After Botswana

Not Safe For Work (NSFW): Bugs All Over

tigress blood

Tigress Blood

The Tiger Sisters

Tigress Blood is a coming of age story of four tiger sisters battling each other for control of their homeland. Mona, Geeta, Lara, and Sonam must choose: hunt together, or die. Instinct may tear them apart, but blood ties them together.

Photos: Meet the Tiger Sisters

Sister vs. Sister: A Tiger Swat to the Face

last tiger standing
under the ice

Under the Ice

Let the Gold Games Begin

Time is running out for the ice mining fleet in Nome, Alaska and competition is on the rise. The lure of gold has already started a turf war on the tomcod claim. With the season coming to a close, which friendships and relationships will continue to crumble?

Zeke vs. Glen: Deep Water Doesn't Pay

Puzzles: Bering Sea Gold Puzzles

wounded warbird

Wounded Warbird

The Flying Tractor

Mike Kennedy returns to his old stomping grounds in Puerto Rico to recover a Beech 18. Ken and Danny battle big business to grab a flying tractor worth over half a million dollars. Meanwhile, Kevin Lacey must make an emergency landing in a sea plane.

Danny's First Repo: Monster Truck Chase

Know Your Planes: Aviation Facts

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Naked and Afraid: A Naked Meeting in Botswana Play

Naked and Afraid: A Naked Meeting in Botswana

Head back to Botswana tonight 10/9c with this special edition of Naked and Afraid. Dive deeper into Michael and Ashley's adventure with added facts about the survivalists and their location. Do you remember when they first met - completely naked - in Botswana?

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Yukon Men: Boat Chase Play

Yukon Men: Boat Chase

Last night on Yukon Men, Stan's boat began to drift away from him in the Yukon current. Unfortunately for him, that meant diving into the freezing water to try and rescue his boat and survival supplies.

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Fast N' Loud: Pike's Peak Pace Car Play

Fast N' Loud: Pike's Peak Pace Car

The Gas Monkey guys had just 72 hours to get the C10 pickup truck ready for Aaron to race it in the Pike's Peak Hill Climb in Colorado. Were they able to make the deadline without their head mechanic on hand?

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New Series: Tethered Play

New Series: Tethered

As you've seen on survival shows like Naked and Afraid and Dual Survival, partnerships often implode when faced with the stress of a survival situation. Now imagine those partners being tied together by a six-foot cable and you have Tethered.

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Highway to Sell: El Camino Mike Play

Highway to Sell: El Camino Mike

El Camino Mike is a local legend in Palmetto, Florida for his incredible El Camino collection. On Monday's Highway to Sell, Dennis traveled to Palmetto to try and make a deal with El Camino Mike.

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Shark Week: Megalodon Play

Shark Week: Megalodon

Megalodon was a monster prehistoric shark that grew over 60 feet in length and fed on whales. But does this prehistoric shark still roam the oceans? If you believe Collin Drake's evidence in Megalodon: The New Evidence, he sure does.

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Naked and Afraid: Naked Confessions Play

Naked and Afraid: Naked Confessions

Honora was doubting Matt's ability to last 21 days in the Brazilian wilderness, but it turned out to be Matt who triumphed. For the first time since leaving Brazil, hear from Matt and Honora about their big breakup and Honora's scary blackout.

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Shark Week; Shark Cage Cam

Shark Week; Shark Cage Cam

Not able to go on a shark cage diving experience of your own? Then try one of Discovery's virtual shark cams, including this one that was filmed from the inside of a shark cage. It's like you're really there!

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