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Season 4 of Dual Survival is so close we can almost taste it! Check out one of our favorite episodes from last season: featuring Joe and Cody struggling to avoid territorial hippos and herds of elephants in Zambia! Season 4 premieres April 23.

Survival 101: Learn How to Survive!

Watch: Joe and Cody Vs. a Vicious Tiger Fish

the pain forest

The Pain Forest

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Missed the past few episodes? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Catch up with some of our survivalists from this season in our Naked marathon.

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demolition theater

Demolition Theater

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Richard and Aaron cringe along with you while watching some seriously epic fails -- from hapless drivers unable to control their vehicles to a hotrodder who catches his engine and self on fire. Richard even has his own cringe-worthy moment in a stunt plane.

Photos: Before and After Restoration

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pure american muscle

Pure American Muscle

Catch Up Tomorrow Starting 7/6c

Rick and the SLAM crew scramble to fulfill Chuck's ambitious plans for a double build- a 1968 Dodge Charger and a 1970 BMW for a corrections officer and his girlfriend. But as things come to a head … an eviction notice puts the shop's future in jeopardy

The Guys: Meet Rick and Chuck

Got a Big Hoard? Show Us What You've Got!

master blaster

Master Blaster

Blast Off!

Joe keeps trying to sell Will on making his building Red Jacket's new home. Will gets commissioned to attach a Mac 11 machine pistol to a Saiga-12 shotgun. Kris snaps and Joe is at the center of his rage. Will finds out about the AK-47 deal with Vince.

NLOS Cannon Challenge: Fire Away!

Historical Weapons: How Well Do You Know Your History?

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Survivorman: Bigfoot

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Naked After Dark: Producer's Rotting Foot Play

Naked After Dark: Producer's Rotting Foot

The harsh conditions that our naked survivalists must face aren't just dangerous for them - they're dangerous for our crew too. Find out what happened to Naked and Afraid producer Steve Rankin in Costa Rica!