naked in brazil (again)

Naked in Brazil (Again)

Tonight 10/9c

In this special edition of last week's Naked and Afraid, dive deeper into Matt and Honora's adventure in Brazil. We bare more with new facts and information about the survivalists and their location.

Naked Confessions: After Brazil

Not Safe for Work (NSFW): Major Shrinkage

season 3 marathon

Season 3 Marathon

All Evening Tomorrow

Spend tomorrow evening on the Alaskan homestead with this Season 3 marathon of Alaska: The Last Frontier. Included in this marathon is the memorable episode where Eve and Elvin introduce the newest Kilcher to the world.

Sneak Peek: The All-New Season

Fatherly Advice: Tips from the Kilchers

watch full episodes

Watch Full Episodes

New Season Begins Sun 9/8c

Gear up for the new season of Alaska: The Last Frontier this Sunday by catching up with some popular episodes from last season. That's right - full episodes of ATLF are now available here on!

All New Season: Sneak Peek

Full Episode: Eve's Hunting Dilemma

under the ice

Under the Ice

We're Gonna Be Rich

With temperatures rising and the Bering Sea beginning to melt, time is running out for the fleet of gold dredgers. They must race against the clock as the ice begins to fracture beneath them. One team may see their dream shattered.

Let the Gold War Begin: Shawn vs. Glen

Puzzles: Bering Sea Gold Puzzles

flying blind

Flying Blind

Heather's First Repo

After repossessing a Piper Arrow from the Bahamas, Mike loses all electrical power. With no radio or navigation, he must find his way home. Ken and Danny try and steal a plane from the largest bike rally in America, and Heather makes her first solo repo.

Last Week: Kevin's Repo Distraction

Know Your Planes: Aviation Facts

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Naked and Afraid: Saving Honora Play

Naked and Afraid: Saving Honora

The controversial Brazil episode of Naked and Afraid is back tonight 10/9c, now with added facts about the survivalists and their location. You'll learn more about what happened in Brazil and Honora's shocking exit from the survival challenge.

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Airplane Repo: Plane vs Combine Play

Airplane Repo: Plane vs Combine

Last week on Airplane Repo, Ken and Danny thought they were in the clear after repossessing an AirTractor. Unfortunately for them, the debtor had a giant combine and was willing to do anything to get in their way.

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Subaru Legacy Throwdown Play

Subaru Legacy Throwdown

Patrick Norton has teamed up with Subaru once again, and this time Patrick ran the 2015 Legacy through some extreme challenges like a parking lot-themed obstacle course, a race against a remote-controlled car and even an attempt to start a bonfire using only the car.

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Shark Week: 2014 Highlights Play

Shark Week: 2014 Highlights

We're almost two months removed from Shark Week 2014 and we still can't stop watching this Shark Week 2014 Highlights playlist. Have you seen the video where shark researchers manage to catch the elusive lantern shark?

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