treetop teahouse

Treetop Teahouse

Tonight 9/8c

The hit Animal Planet series comes to Discovery tonight. On Treehouse Masters, Pete Nelson and his team design and create private escapes for those with a passion to reconnect with nature. On tonight's episode, Pete helps a family create a traditional Japanese Teahouse treehouse in their backyard.

Behind the Build: Pete's Exclusive Tours

Do-It-Yourself: Backyard Projects You Can Do!

hearts of darkness

Hearts of Darkness

Butting Heads

The 21 day survival challenge on Naked and Afraid is difficult to complete when the partners work together, but what happens when they continually butt heads? This week, the two survivalists struggle to work together to overcome extreme heat and crocodile filled waters in the Cambodian jungle.

Bios: Meet Carrie and Tom

Games: Can You Match These Naked Survivalists?

the mouthy dirty south

The Mouthy Dirty South


The 405 crew travels to The Big Easy to take on New Orleans' fastest street racers. What happens to "the list" when Texan racer Boosted GT attempts to knock one of the OKC racers off?

Under the Hood: Azn's 1966 Volkswagen Beetle

Under the Hood: Chuck's 1989 Mustang

nitrous charged vega

Nitrous Charged Vega

Classic Car Night

The guys are hit with two jobs this week: the first is to turn a 1977 Chevy Vega into an 8 second quarter mile beast. The other is a race against the clock to trick out a 1951 Mercury Coupe before Classic Car Night.

About: About Fat N' Furious

Photos: Meet the Christmas Auto Crew

greatest game ever fished

Greatest Game Ever Fished

A Bering Sea Hail Mary

The Catch crews are excited for Super Bowl Sunday, but the Cornelia Marie battles 20-foot breakers that could cause the crew to miss the game. Meanwhile, Captain Andy Hillstrand clashes with his nephew.

Best of Catch: Vote for the Oddest Ritual

Deadliest Catch Fantasy Game: Who's Your Crew?

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MythBusters: Gun vs. Grenade Play

MythBusters: Gun vs. Grenade

In MythBusters's explosive new episode this week, Jamie and Adam looked to find out if it was really possible to detonate a grenade in midair using a gun. See what lead Adam to say, this is "pretty much the EXACT polar opposite of what we thought would happen."

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Naked and Afraid: Meet Carrie and Tom

Naked and Afraid: Meet Carrie and Tom

Tomorrow night on Naked and Afraid, two more survivalists attempt to spend 21 days in the wilderness without food, water, and clothing. But this time, extreme differences of opinion threaten to blow the whole thing up almost immediately. Meet Carrie and Tom - will they be able to work together?

Naked Bios
MythBusters: Vote in the Bracket Game

MythBusters: Vote in the Bracket Game

There have been a lot of great moments during MythBusters's eleven years on Discovery. Now it's your chance to sound off on what your favorite moments of all time are! This week, check out the best "did that just happen?" moments and vote for your favorites to advance to the next round.

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Survival Hacks for Dangerous Situations Play

Survival Hacks for Dangerous Situations

What happens if you ever find yourself stuck in the wilderness like the survivalists on Dual Survival and Dude, You're Screwed? Some of your favorite Discovery stars show you how to create some unique hacks and inventions to help you get out of a dangerous survival situation.

Tips from the Pros
DNews: Take a Dip in These Unusual Pools

DNews: Take a Dip in These Unusual Pools

It's mid-July and in most of the country, it's pretty darn hot. Everyone has their own way of beating the heat, but there's nothing like jumping into a nice, refreshing pool. Check out these unusual pools from around the world, including the world's biggest!