road rage

Road Rage

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The MythBusters test three car crimes straight from Hollywood: the cliff top push, the two-wheel wipeout, and finally the Corvette barrel roll from "Wanted." Are these car tricks just Hollywood magic or could they actually happen?

Kablooey! Adam's Road Rage Accident

Ask Jamie: How Does He Keep His Cool?

mythbusters bracket game
back to the bush

Back to the Bush

Tomorrow Beginning 7/6c

Head back to the bush with exclusive updates from the Browns in this special pair of episodes from Season 1 of Alaskan Bush People. Watch what happens to the Browns as they race to complete building their new home in the frigid wilderness of Alaska.

Playlist: Meet the Browns

Bush Personality Test: Which Brown Are You?

season 2 marathon

Season 2 Marathon

Sat Beginning 6/5c

The Kilchers return to Discovery this Saturday with a marathon of popular Season 2 episodes. Head back to the Alaskan homestead as the Kilchers prepare for one of the harshest winters they've ever faced.

Live Cams: Otto's Yard

Photos: Eve and Elvin's Baby Findlay

playing with fire

Playing with Fire

Solo Survivor

Two survivalists are dropped on a deserted Dominica beach. When the barren tropical terrain proves to be too great a challenge for one of the survivalists, can the other one tough it out and remain on their own?

Get Your PSR Test: How Would You Do?

Casting: Do You Have What It Takes?

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MythBusters: Road Rage Play

MythBusters: Road Rage

Tonight on MythBusters, the gang tests scenarios from some of Hollywood's wildest car chases and crimes. Remember the Corvette barrel roll from the movie "Wanted?" Could that actually happen?

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Deadliest Catch: In Memory of Phil Play

Deadliest Catch: In Memory of Phil

After Captain Phil Harris passed away in 2010, Captain Keith Colburn and the Wizard crew sunk a pot to the bottom of the Bering Sea in memoriam to their fallen friend. Now, four years later, a buoy from that pot has made its way back to Phil's son and new Cornelia Marie captain Josh Harris.

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Shark Week 2014: Shark Fin Cams

Shark Week 2014: Shark Fin Cams

Great news! The wait is almost over - Shark Week 2014 begins in just 10 days! But you don't have to wait until Shark Week starts to get sharky. Take a look at these cams that were attached to the dorsal fins of three different sharks for upcoming Shark Week programs.

So Sharky
Shark Week 2014: Shark of Darkness

Shark Week 2014: Shark of Darkness

In Shark Week 2014 program Shark of Darkness: The Wrath of Submarine, shark researcher Mel Thurmond provides unbelievable evidence to prove that the legendary shark known as Submarine exists. Follow Mel's personal blog to track his progress and don't miss Shark of Darkness Aug 10 9/8c.

Submarine Sightings
MythBusters: Bracket Game Round 3

MythBusters: Bracket Game Round 3

The MythBusters bracket game to find the ultimate MythBusters moment continues today with Round 3 of "did that just happen?" moments. Which was your favorite: the bridge boom or Adam's upturned car?

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Deadliest Catch: Horns from Hell

Deadliest Catch: Horns from Hell

On this week's episode of Deadliest Catch, Cape Caution greenhorn Myles Johnson joined a long list of greenhorns who have caused trouble for their captains. But he was far from the worst greenhorn. The fans voted - now see who was voted the horn from hell!

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