season marathon

Season Marathon

Tonight Beginning 8/7c

The Kilchers have been hard at work on the Alaskan homestead so far this season. Catch up with the exciting events of Season 4 with an Alaska: The Last Frontier marathon tonight, beginning 8/7c.

Photos: Warm Winter Fallout

Poll: Could You Live Off the Grid?

season marathon

Season Marathon

All Evening Thurs

Get your weekly dose of naked survival with this Naked and Afraid marathon, all evening on Thursday. Included is the "Double Jeopardy" episode at 9/8c, where two pairs of strangers worked together to conquer the Panamanian rainforest.

Naked Confessions: The Survivalists Tell All

This is Awkward: The Best Naked Intros

new season, new beginnings

New Season, New Beginnings

Gold Rush Fridays are Back!

Last week Parker set an outrageous season goal of 2,000 ounces, Tony Beets bought a 75-year-old dredge, and Todd was a broken man looking for redemption. What will this week hold for them?

The Dirt: Todd Reads Mean Tweets

Gold Rush Proud: Win a Trip to the Dirt!

before the premiere

Before the Premiere

Parker's Plan

Gold Rush executive producer Christo Doyle talks with Todd and Jack about their emotional decision to mine this season. Parker discusses his stressful meeting with Tony Beets, while Tony reveals his plan to successfully move the dredge.

A Day in the Life: 24 Hours with Parker

Behind the Scenes Photos: Filming Gold Rush

winter's grip

Winter's Grip

Series Premiere

Hidden deep in the wilderness of Alaska is the toughest town in America: McCarthy. Locked in winter's grip, the 42 souls who are brave enough to live here must battle the elements, and each other, to maintain their pioneer way of life.

About the Show: What's Edge of Alaska?

Bios: Meet the People of McCarthy

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 4)

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 4)

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 2)

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 2)

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Dude, You're Screwed: Meet A New Dude

Dude, You're Screwed: Meet A New Dude

Everyone's favorite survival experts return next Wed with an all-new season of Dude, You're Screwed. But they're not alone. Meet the most accomplished backwoodsman you'll ever meet and one of the new Dudes, Tim Smith.

Dude Bios
Shark Week: Mega Shark Cam

Shark Week: Mega Shark Cam

For the Shark Week program Air Jaws: Fins of Fury, shark researcher Jeff Kurr and Water Armor Shark Protection created a one-man shark cage to safely capture footage of giant great whites off the coast of New Zealand. Take the dive with them and check out this awesome footage!

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