risky whiskey

Risky Whiskey

A New Kind of 'Shine?

Josh and Bill rebuild bigger and better. Lance takes a risk on a new kind of whiskey, while Jeff and Mark prep their indoor still site. Tickle and crew battle the elements in Kentucky. Tim gives the North Carolina distillery a backwoods makeover.

Tim's New Facility: Get a Sneak Peek

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the buck starts here

The Buck Starts Here

Billy Bob on the Hunt

Jonah searches for the perfect redneck hunting novelty item to launch Billy Bob's world into the sporting goods market. Among the contenders are a triple-barrel shotgun, leaving Jonah with hard choices.

Genius or Crazy? Jonah Isn't Sure!

The Gag Factory: Submit Your Pitch!

show us what you got

Show Us What You Got

You Could Be On Naked and Afraid!

Think you could handle wilderness survival better than our naked survivalists? Show us what you got! Two lucky winners will be given the chance to take survival training and be on an episode of the show!

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Naked Confessions: Hear How They Did It

the hunger game

The Hunger Game

This Dude's In Trouble

Casey Anderson thought he was being brought in as a bear expert for last week's challenge. Little did he know, he's next to play the game! Can the bear whisperer escape the Canadian Rockies in less than 100 hours and prove he's got what it takes?

Dude Bios: Meet Casey Anderson

Dudes vs. Zombies: Who Would Win?

late night marathon

Late Night Marathon

Wed Starting 10/9c

Stick around Wed night for a late night Naked and Afraid marathon! Included in this block of episodes is the classic episode from Dominica, where Chris and Corinne battled the elements and each other.

Franco & Rogen Get Naked: Dec 7 8/7c

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Moonshiners: See the 'Shine!

Moonshiners: See the 'Shine!

Don't forget to be on the lookout for the secret on-screen code during tonight's episode of Moonshiners! Enter it in the See the 'Shine contest and you might be on your way to tour the Limestone Branch Distillery with Tim!

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Naked And Afraid: Mayan Misery (Full Episode) Play

Naked And Afraid: Mayan Misery (Full Episode)

While you wait for James Franco/Seth Rogen Naked And Afraid special on Dec 7 8/7c, why not check out one of these classic episodes? In "Mayan Misery," two survivalists faced a labyrinth of Mayan caves filled with poisonous snakes and rabid bats.

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