naked in india (again)

Naked in India (Again)

Tonight 10/9c

In this special edition of Naked and Afraid, dive deeper into Hakim and Phaedra's adventure in India. We bare more with new facts and information about the survivalists and their location.

Bios: Meet Hakim and Phaedra

The Nude Feud: Hakim vs. Phaedra

the killer lives

The Killer Lives

Thurs 8/7c

The special that had everyone talking during Monster Weekend is back on Discovery this Thursday. Explorer Mike Libecki re-investigates the mysterious murder of nine Russian students in 1959. Was this the work of a creature thought only to exist in folklore - the Yeti?

The Evidence: Do You Believe?

Mystery Map: The Dyatlov Pass

under the ice

Under the Ice

Gold Luck

In Nome, Alaska, the hard reality of the winter season begins to set in. On the Miss Nomer, Glen LeBaron gripes and Zeke Tenhoff faces the judge. On the Reaper, a discussion about money turns ugly. Emily Riedel snaps over frozen equipment.

Photos: Behind the Scenes

Videos: Last Season's Recaps

repo rat race

Repo Rat Race

Playing Chicken

Mike Kennedy finds himself in a high stakes game of chicken between a six million dollar Lear jet and a Lamborghini. Meanwhile, Ken and Danny race to beat out rival repo men on the biggest yacht heist of their careers.

Pylon Racing: Learning from the Pro

Photos: Repo'ed Planes Gallery

cut masters

Cut Masters

Sat 9/8c

The hit Animal Planet series that explores the incredible artistry behind turning redwood trees into creative works of art comes to Discovery. On Saturday's episode, Ron and his team create a 10-gun shooting gallery and John carves a 1,000 lb. block of sugar pine into a gigantic cartoon moose.

A Lesson In: Choosing the Right Lumber

A Lesson In: Chainsaw Carving

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Naked and Afraid


Naked and Afraid: Clothes Off in India Play

Naked and Afraid: Clothes Off in India

Head back to India tonight 10/9c as we get further insight into Hakim and Phaedra's 21-day survival adventure. In this clip, take another look at the moment they first met - completely naked - in India. Did you guess then that they would have such a rocky partnership?

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Yukon Men: Get Caught Up Play

Yukon Men: Get Caught Up

Last night you got a sneak peek at all the exciting action that will take place on this coming season of Yukon Men. Before the new season premieres Sept 2 9/8c, take a look back at all the highlights from last season, including the time James had to protect his dogs from a giant black bear.

Season 2 Highlights
Fast N' Loud: Fitting the Doors Play

Fast N' Loud: Fitting the Doors

The '31 Model A restoration on Monday's episode of Fast N' Loud proved to be a much more difficult task than expected. In order to get the doors to fit in place, the Gas Monkey crew had to bend the frame of the delicate old car.

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MythBusters: Grant Through the Years

MythBusters: Grant Through the Years

Ever since joining the MythBusters team during the third season, we've seen Grant Imahara work tirelessly to provide us the truth behind popular myths. As he, along with Tory and Kari, depart MythBusters, we salute him with this retrospective look at Grant throughout the years.

The Best of Grant Photos
Shark Week: Shark Cage Cam

Shark Week: Shark Cage Cam

Have you ever wanted to get into a shark cage and see great white sharks for yourself, but couldn't work up the nerve? Then this virtual cage diving experience is for you! Now you can see the sharks filmed live in Shark Alley off the coast of South Africa from the safety of your home.

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Russian Yeti: The Evidence Play

Russian Yeti: The Evidence

The Monster Weekend special that had everyone talking earlier this year returns to Discovery tomorrow beginning 8/7c. Before you watch Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives, review all the evidence that suggests the Yeti is really out there.

Do You Believe?
Airplane Repo: Pylon Racing with Gordo Sanders Play

Airplane Repo: Pylon Racing with Gordo Sanders

For the Airplane Repo men, locating the planes to repossess is only half the battle. The other half is successfully sneaking into the plane and flying it away. To further improve his flying for this season, Mike Kennedy got a lesson in pylon racing from legendary racer Gordo Sanders.

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DNews: How to Survive a Day Without Sleep Play

DNews: How to Survive a Day Without Sleep

Were you up partying all night and now you're riding the struggle bus to work due to lack of sleep? Don't worry - DNews has you covered. Here are some tips on how to make it through the work day without looking like a zombie.

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