baby kilcher arrives

Baby Kilcher Arrives

Tonight 9/8c

Revisit the classic episode where Elvin and Eve introduce the newest Kilcher to the world tonight. As Fall ends, the Kilchers take care of some projects before the winter - and the baby - arrive.

Amazing Moms: Women on the Alaskan Homestead

Photos: The Kilcher Baby



Don't Get Bit

Warning: there's a LOT of snakes in Sunday's Naked and Afraid. In the "Snaketacular" special, we'll reveal all the creepy, crawly snake highlights that the Naked and Afraid survivalists had to endure. Plus, fascinating facts about every snake in all the countries Naked and Afraid has been to so far.

SNAKED and Afraid: The Venemous Snakes

Snake-Infested Survival: Yikes!

super sonic camaro

Super Sonic Camaro

Part I

Richard lands his biggest deal in Gas Monkey history, but the crew struggles to hit Sonic Drive-In's deadline. Meanwhile, Christie and Richard spar over losing an auction bid. Tensions are high and it doesn't look like anyone's going to come out on top.

Meeting at Sonic: Gas Monkey's Biggest Deal Yet?

Get Social: Join the FNL Conversation

partners in crime

Partners in Crime

Series Premiere

Dennis and Slick partner with car owners to get their broken down classic cars back on the road. The catch? When the restoration's complete, the car owner must choose whether to take some cash or keep their new and improved car.

Bios: Meet Dennis and Slick

Photos: 66 'Cuda and 68 Camaro

breaking points

Breaking Points

Season Premiere

On this season of Yukon Men, change is coming. The village is visited by the governor of Alaska, who brings news that will change the town and its people forever. Meanwhile, a government ban on a staple food source sends the Yukon Men to extremes.

Bios: Who Are the Yukon Men?

Video Playlist: Behind the Scenes

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 3)

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 3)


Alaska: The Last Frontier: Fatherly Advice Play

Alaska: The Last Frontier: Fatherly Advice

Head back to the Alaskan homestead with tonight's classic Alaska: The Last Frontier episode, in which Elvin and Eve welcome the new baby. Check out what being a father means to Elvin and the rest of the Kilchers in this exclusive playlist.

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New Series: Highway to Sell

New Series: Highway to Sell

On new Discovery series Highway to Sell, the dreams of classic car owners are realized when their car is given a full restoration. But then they must choose - will they take cash they desperately need or buy back the classic ride they always knew their clunker could become?

Premieres Mon 10/9c
Shark Week: Shark Games

Shark Week: Shark Games

Shark Week 2014 may be over, but that doesn't mean the shark fun has to stop! Play some of these shark games - including the shark trivia challenge and the shark personality quiz!

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MythBusters: M7 Retrospective

MythBusters: M7 Retrospective

Ever since joining the MythBusters team, Grant, Kari, and Tory have provided us with endless hours of scientific entertainment. As the trio depart MythBusters, we salute them with this retrospective look at the M7 team throughout the years.

The Best of M7 Photos