season 2 marathon

Season 2 Marathon

Tonight Beginning 6/5c

The Kilchers return to Discovery tonight with a marathon of popular Season 2 episodes. Head back to the Alaskan homestead as the Kilchers prepare for one of the harshest winters they've ever faced.

Live Cams: Otto's Yard

Photos: Eve and Elvin's Baby Findlay

playing with fire

Playing with Fire

Solo Survivor

Two survivalists are dropped on a deserted Dominica beach. When the barren tropical terrain proves to be too great a challenge for one of the survivalists, can the other one tough it out and remain on their own?

Bios: Meet Chris and Corinne

Get Your PSR Test: How Would You Do?

chief's challenge

Chief's Challenge

Season Finale

It's time: Big Chief finally calls out his best friend Murder Nova in an attempt to take the #1 spot from Daddy Dave. Kayla Morton and Boosted GT take shots at the list. Farmtruck's dream for a new sleeper is AZN's worst nightmare.

Go Under the Hood: Top 5 Speed Tweaks

Photos: Go Behind-the-Scenes

"you'll know my name is the lord..."

"You'll Know My Name is the Lord..."

Season Finale

Crew members from two different boats work together to save the Cornelia Marie from sinking when an arctic hurricane strikes the fleet. Zack Larson puts his life on the line to keep the Cape Caution from exploding.

Best of Catch: Who's the Worst Greenhorn?

Fantasy Game: Final Chance to Win!

shark week 2014

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Yukon Men (Season 2b)

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Yukon Men (Season 2b)

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Yukon Men (Season 2b)

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 2)

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 2)

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Redwood Kings: Cut Masters

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 2)

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Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 2)

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Naked and Afraid: This Week's Survivalists

Naked and Afraid: This Week's Survivalists

Meet Chris Fischer and Corinne Kohlen, a 38-year-old commercial fisherman and a 32-year-old dietitian. Tomorrow at 10/9c, they'll attempt to survive the 21 day Naked and Afraid challenge. Do you think Chris and Corinne have what it takes?

Naked Bios
Deadliest Catch: Two-Hour Season Finale Play

Deadliest Catch: Two-Hour Season Finale

It's been a wild season of Deadliest Catch and it's going to get even crazier. When an arctic storm threatens to sink the Cornelia Marie, two of the Catch crews must work together to save it. Could this be the end of the line for the famous boat?

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MythBusters: Bracket Game Round 3

MythBusters: Bracket Game Round 3

The MythBusters bracket game to find the ultimate MythBusters moment of all time continues today with Round 3 of quintessential moments. Which moment has your vote: the cement truck explosion or the duct tape boat?

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Shark Week 2014: FinFest

Shark Week 2014: FinFest

What better way to kick off Shark Week than with an ultimate Shark Week party? This year, Discovery is celebrating Shark Week in a big way with a 2-day, 2-night party in Hermosa Beach, California. You can watch the event LIVE at

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