c10 race truck

C10 Race Truck

Pike's Peak Part II

The Pike's Peak International Race is just days away and the C10 pace truck is nowhere near being complete. Aaron struggles to keep the Falcon damage free as he approaches the race of his life. Meanwhile, Richard finds some old employees stepping into his territory.

Photos: 1965 C-10 Pickup Truck

Extended Scene: From the First Episode!

hell camino

Hell Camino

Do We Have a Deal?

It's great to have a client interested in the car restoration, but it's different when they're overbearing about it. After sweating through a deal for a 1970 Chevy El Camino, Dennis gets an earful from the client (and the shop guys!) on ideas for the classic car.

Car Auction: What Would You Pay?

Last Week's Build: 1962 Chrysler Newport

rising sons

Rising Sons

The Ultimate Test

Charlie's livelihood is challenged when the son of a Tanana legend lays claim to his trap line. Joey and Bob embark on a bow and arrow hunt to secure food for the town elders. James leaves his young sons in the wilderness in the ultimate frontier test.

Videos: Season 3 Highlights

Online Exclusive: Behind the Scenes

bears and snares

Bears and Snares

Tue 10/9c

The hit Animal Planet series about survivalists living on a lawless frozen lake comes to Discovery Tuesday. The ice lake residents stock up on supplies to get through the rest of winter, but it isn't easy. Fish are scarce, bears raid the lodge's meat supply, and snares must be clever to catch smart Northern game.

Photos: Meet the Survivalists

On Thin Ice: Great Slave Lake

naked in botswana (again)

Naked in Botswana (Again)

Wed 10/9c

In this special edition of last week's Naked and Afraid, dive deeper into Michael and Ashley's adventure in Botswana. We bare more with new facts and information about the survivalists and their location.

Naked Confessions: After Botswana

Not Safe For Work (NSFW): Bugs All Over

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Fast N' Loud: Pike's Peak Hill Climb Play

Fast N' Loud: Pike's Peak Hill Climb

In the exciting conclusion to the Pike's Peak Race two-part episode, Richard and Aaron race to complete their C-10 pickup truck to compete in the race. How will Aaron do behind the wheel instead of under the hood? Find out tonight 9/8c.

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Highway to Sell: Surf Wagon Wipeout (Full Episode) Play

Highway to Sell: Surf Wagon Wipeout (Full Episode)

Have you been missing the awesome car restorations on Highway to Sell? Don't worry - full episodes are now available on Discovery.com. Catch up before tonight's episode, which will see Dennis and Slick making a deal with the owner of a 1970 Chevy El Camino.

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Naked and Afraid: Meeting Nude in Brazil Play

Naked and Afraid: Meeting Nude in Brazil

What a dramatic turn of events on last night's Naked and Afraid! Did you have any idea of how things would turn out for Matt and Honora at the beginning of the episode? Go back to when they first met - were there any signs of Honora's upcoming breakdown?

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MythBusters: Safety vs. Creativity Play

MythBusters: Safety vs. Creativity

In the latest edition of Ask Jamie Hyneman Anything, Jamie tackles the tough topic of safety vs. creativity. How do you teach a child safety skills without squelching his or her creativity? A slightly baffled Jamie weighs in.

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Shark Week: Top 10 Bizarre Alien Sharks Play

Shark Week: Top 10 Bizarre Alien Sharks

Alien sharks, like the ghost shark and the lantern shark, live deep among the ocean's depths and are rarely seen in person. In this video playlist, take a look at some of the most bizarre looking sharks in the ocean.

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Fast N' Loud: Extended Scene from the First Episode Play

Fast N' Loud: Extended Scene from the First Episode

Travel back in time with us to the year 2012 when viewers were first introduced to Richard, Aaron, and the Gas Monkey Garage. In this never-before-seen clip from the show's premiere, Richard and Aaron traveled to Missouri to buy the hot rod of their dreams: a rust-free 1931 Model A!

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Shark Week: 2014 Highlights Play

Shark Week: 2014 Highlights

We're a month removed from Shark Week 2014 and we still can't stop watching this Shark Week 2014 Highlights playlist. Have you seen the video where aggressive great white sharks compete to knock over a shark cage?

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