the hunger game

The Hunger Game

This Dude's In Trouble

Casey Anderson thought he was being brought in as a bear expert for last week's challenge. Little did he know, he's next to play the game! Can the bear whisperer escape the Canadian Rockies in less than 100 hours and prove he's got what it takes?

Dude Bios: Meet Casey Anderson

Dudes vs. Zombies: Who Would Win?

late night marathon

Late Night Marathon

Tonight Starting 10/9c

Stick around tonight for a late night Naked and Afraid marathon! Included in this block of episodes is the classic episode from Dominica, where Chris and Corinne battled the elements and each other.

Franco & Rogen Get Naked: Dec 7 8/7c

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show us what you got

Show Us What You Got

You Could Be On Naked and Afraid!

Think you could handle wilderness survival better than our naked survivalists? Show us what you got! Two lucky winners will be given the chance to take survival training and be on an episode of the show!

Full Episodes: Watch Now!

Naked Confessions: Hear How They Did It

season marathon

Season Marathon

All Evening Thu

Gather your family together after Thanksgiving dinner for this Alaska: The Last Frontier marathon! In this block are two Thanksgiving specials, including the classic holiday episode from last year.

Grandma's House: See Baby Findlay's Visit

A Kilcher Thanksgiving: What's It Like?



Out of Your Wheelhouse

Todd needs to find a 100 ounce down payment to make a big purchase. Parker spends a quarter of a million dollars on new equipment. Tony attempts to remove the wheelhouse from his 75 year old gold dredge.

A Gold Rush Meeting: Todd Talks with Freddy

Parker's New Ground: Can He Meet His Goal?

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Dude, You're Screwed: Super Screwed

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Misfit Garage: The '65 Nova Play

Misfit Garage: The '65 Nova

The '65 Nova that the Fired Up Garage crew produced on Monday's Misfit Garage was a work of art. It sure wasn't easy though! Check out what they were up against and what they were able to accomplish.

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