plane boarding

Plane Boarding

New Episode

Adam and Jamie buckle up and return their seats to the upright position to test what really is the best, most efficient way to board an airplane. Tory, Kari, and Grant find out if a bullet made of teeth or even bone is non-traceable.

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under the ice: motherlode

Under the Ice: Motherlode

Season Premiere

In Nome, Alaska, miners risk their lives diving below the ice on the frozen Bering Sea for a fortune in gold. In the season premiere, one miner nearly loses his life, while another hits his biggest payday ever.

Bios: Meet the Teams

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armed on arrival

Armed on Arrival

Season Premiere

Mike Kennedy calls in his "A-Team" in order to snag a Czechoslovakian fighter jet. Ken Cage and Danny Thompson go after a $2 million Citation CJ1 and end up under fire. Kevin Lacey has a run in with an old adversary at the Sundance Air Show.

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series marathon

Series Marathon

All Evening Sat

The hit American Heroes Channel series about America's first heroes and villains from the Wild West comes to Discovery this Saturday. In each episode of Gunslingers, vivid reenactments are mixed with expert commentary to present a complete picture of this incredible time period.

The OK Corral: Point of No Return

Personality Quiz: Which Gunslinger Are You?

bares all

Bares All

Blood, Sweat, and Fears

Naked and Afraid Bares All reveals incredible unseen footage as bare naked strangers struggle to survive 21 days in some of the cruelest environments on the planet. You'll see fights, pain, and tears you didn't see in the original episodes.

Naked Bios: Meet This Season's Survivalists

Watch It Again: Maldives Episode

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Alien Sharks: Return To The Abyss: #ExtraSharky

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Alien Sharks: Return To The Abyss: #ExtraSharky

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MythBusters: Plane Boarding Play

MythBusters: Plane Boarding

Ever wait in a long line to board a plane and wonder if there's a more efficient way? Tonight at 9/8c, Jamie and Adam look to find out if airlines are really doing it the best way possible. Then, Kari, Grant, and Tory determine whether you can really make a bullet out of a human tooth.

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Bering Sea Gold: Burn It Down Play

Bering Sea Gold: Burn It Down

Get ready for the season premiere of Bering Sea Gold (Fri 9/8c) by indulging in more episodes from last season. In "Burn It Down," the Pomrenkes swallow their pride and ask megadredger Hank for help to get their pinned barge operating again. The Kellys fight off claim jumpers and Zeke demands Emily pay up or give up her dredge.

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Discovery Presents: Earth Play

Discovery Presents: Earth

Don't take what you have around you for granted - the Earth is full of amazing things that are beyond belief. From stunning wild animals to beautiful scenery, there are truly breathtaking sights to be seen. In this playlist of the best Earth videos from Discovery, see some of the amazing wonders from our planet.

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Airplane Repo: Sticky Situations Play

Airplane Repo: Sticky Situations

Airplane owners behind on their bank payments beware: the Airplane Repo men are back in business tomorrow night at 10/9c. In this playlist, the Airplane Repo men find themselves in some sticky situations with some damaged planes and owners that refuse to give up their rides without a fight.

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Shark Week: Shark Cage Cam

Shark Week: Shark Cage Cam

Shark Week may be over (BOOOO!), but that doesn't mean the shark fun has to stop! Check out this virtual shark cage diving experience, filmed live in Shark Alley off the coast of South Africa. This footage was obtained during the filming of Shark Week programs Lair of the Mega Shark and Air Jaws: Fin of Fury.

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MythBusters: Tooth Bullet Tips Play

MythBusters: Tooth Bullet Tips

Tonight's episode of MythBusters may focus on airplane boarding myths, but Kari, Grant, and Tory are on a different mission. Can you make a bullet out of a human tooth? In this sneak peek, Tory goes to the dentist for some tooth tips.

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Fast N' Loud: The Beer Fridge

Fast N' Loud: The Beer Fridge

Fast N' Loud has returned for a new season featuring the coolest car restorations yet. Join the conversation on social media - tweet or post about the show and see it stocked in the beer fridge or featured as an ice cold tweet! What kind of car do you think the Gas Monkey crew should tackle next?

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