botswana breakdown

Botswana Breakdown

The Naked Struggle

A Seattle banker and a bartender from Rhode Island head to Africa to test their survival skills in the hot, dry, and barren plains of Botswana. Will they walk out of Africa or be carried out?

Naked Bios: Meet Michael and Ashley

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pikes peak or bust

Pikes Peak or Bust

Part I

With the Pikes Peak International Race approaching, Richard and Aaron have just 3 weeks to build a Pace Race Truck for the competition. Meanwhile, Aaron works on a Falcon, which still needs work to be done before the race and Richard lands a sweet '31 Model A.

Last Week's Build: The Sonic Camaro

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surf wagon wipeout

Surf Wagon Wipeout

Brooklyn Bred

Dennis and Slick agree to take a risk by partnering up with the tough-talking, Brooklyn-born owner of a '62 Chrysler Newport wagon. But when their restoration is complete, what will the Brooklynite decide to do? Keep the '62 Chrysler Newport or take the money?

Bios: Who Are Dennis and Slick?

Car Auction: What Would You Pay?

the longest day

The Longest Day

Rolling Down the River

Joey floats a massive truck on a primitive log raft for 150 miles down the deadly Yukon River. Meanwhile, Charlie and James go moose hunting to supply food for a traditional ceremony. Pat is surprised by his nephew's return to Tanana.

The Plan: How to Get the Truck Downriver

Joey Zuray: A Day in the Life

cold snap

Cold Snap

Tue 10/9c

The hit Animal Planet series about survivalists living on a lawless frozen lake comes to Discovery Tuesday. In the episode, the Yellowknife houseboaters struggle to prepare for a record-cold winter. The community must band together to survive the 50 degrees below zero temperatures.

Photos: Meet the Survivalists

Ice Carving: Randy's Ice Sculpture

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Naked and Afraid Pop-Up Edition

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Naked and Afraid: Day One Quitter? Play

Naked and Afraid: Day One Quitter?

After falling ill just a few hours into her challenge in Botswana, Ashley could become the first survivalist ever to quit on Day One. Will she leave her partner Michael stranded in Africa for the rest of the challenge? Find out tonight 10/9c.

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Fast N' Loud: Pike's Peak Hill Climb Play

Fast N' Loud: Pike's Peak Hill Climb

Aaron's in Colorado with his Falcon to try and qualify for the grueling Pike's Peak International Hill Climb. Hoiw will he do now that's behind the wheel instead and not under the hood? Find out tomorrow night on Fast N' Loud (9/8c).

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Highway to Sell: 1962 Chrysler Newport Play

Highway to Sell: 1962 Chrysler Newport

On tomorrow's episode of Highway to Sell (10/9c), Dennis meets with the owner of a 1962 Chrysler Newport to try and make a deal. It's got a huge nostalgia factor though - can Dennis convince the owner to part with this piece of American history?

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Shark Week: Jaws Strikes Back Cam

Shark Week: Jaws Strikes Back Cam

As part of the Shark Week program Jaws Strikes Back, shark researchers utilized a groundbreaking robotic underwater vehicle known as the REMUS SharkCam, which helped them track and film tagged sharks. Check out this incredible view of three great white sharks as they hunt elephant seals.

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Naked and Afraid: Survival 101 Play

Naked and Afraid: Survival 101

Naked and Afraid isn't just about being naked in the wilderness - you won't survive the first week without carefully planned survival tactics. In this Survival 101 playlist, learn more about how the survivalists were able to go weeks without food, clean water, and of course, their clothes.

Survival 101
Shark Week: Top 5 Legendary Sharks Play

Shark Week: Top 5 Legendary Sharks

You've heard a lot about the Submarine shark this past month, but what about the other legendarily large sharks lurking in the oceans? The Prince Edward Island Shark, known as the PEI shark, is the largest accurately measured shark on record. Still, he only placed #2 in our countdown of the Top 5 Legendary Sharks.

Who Made the Top 5?
Airplane Repo: Favorite Episode Play

Airplane Repo: Favorite Episode

Are you loving the new season of Airplane Repo? Then check out this classic episode from last season - featuring the biggest yacht heist we've ever featured on the show. Don't miss new episodes of Airplane Repo, Fridays 10/9c.

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Shark Week: Shark Games

Shark Week: Shark Games

Have you checked out some of the jawesome Shark Week jigsaw puzzles we have up on the Shark Games page yet? From great whites to tiger sharks, you can celebrate Shark Week every week of the year with these addictive shark puzzles.

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DNews: Dead Giant Squid Found by Fisherman Off Texas Coast

DNews: Dead Giant Squid Found by Fisherman Off Texas Coast

Imagine encountering a giant squid nearly ten feet long and weighing 200 pounds in the middle of the ocean? It probably wouldn't be too pleasant. But that's what happened to these fishermen off the Texas Gulf Coast city of Matagorda. The squid was missing half of its body - perhaps the victim of a shark attack?

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