on the move

On the Move

A Spring Thing

It's early spring and life has begun returning to the homestead, but things are far from normal as the temperature soars. Tensions reach the breaking point on the annual Kilcher cattle drive as Otto struggles to maintain control of his novice crew.

A Look Back: The Cattle Drive

Live Cams: A View from Alaska

grab life by the globe
finale encore

Finale Encore

Tonight 10/9c

Now you can watch the exciting season finale of Yukon Men again, with added facts about the people of Tanana and bonus scenes! As Pat, Charlie, and James prepared for winter, each of them suffered a unique setback.

Charlie's Hunting Advice: Never Show Your Fear

Preparing for Winter: Stan's Final Salmon Run

big, bad c-10 build

Big, Bad C-10 Build

The Coolest Hot Rod Yet?

The Gas Monkey guys have created some amazing hot rods during the history of Fast N' Loud, but this one may be the coolest. After getting their hands on a 1976 Chevy C-10 short bed, Richard and Aaron restore it to be auctioned at the Cattle Baron's Ball.

Photos: Before & After Restoration

Automotive Facts: How Much Do You Know?

jazzed about a '57 gasser

Jazzed About a '57 Gasser

Getting Fired Up

The rivalry between the Gas Monkey and Fired Up garages becomes heated this week when Thomas makes a profit flipping a car that Richard turned his nose up at. Meanwhile, the guys work on a '57 Chevy.

Bios: Who's Who at Fired Up Garage

Getting Fired Ain't So Bad: The New Garage

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Grab Life By the Globe!

Grab Life By the Globe!

Grab life by the globe and turn no man's land into your land! See how others are seizing the outdoors with this interactive map and join in on the fun by posting your adventure photos and videos with #GrabLife!

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Shark Week: Sharkageddon Cam

Shark Week: Sharkageddon Cam

Why the sudden influx of tiger sharks off the coast of Hawaii? That was the question that shark researchers tried to answer in Shark Week's Sharkageddon. Now you can be a shark researcher too - check out the Sharkageddon Cam and view incredible footage of these tiger sharks in Hawaii.

Shark Cams
Fast N' Loud: '34 Ford Hot Rod Play

Fast N' Loud: '34 Ford Hot Rod

On tomorrow night's Fast N' Loud, Richard and Aaron may have outdone themselves with one of the coolest hot rod builds ever. Can it top last week's awesome Ford '34 Hot Rod restoration?

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Shark Week: Shark Games

Shark Week: Shark Games

Have you checked out some of the shark trivia challenges we have up on the Shark Games page yet? In our Sharks in Film quiz, put your shark movie knowledge to the test with questions about Jaws and Deep Blue Sea!

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