under the ice: motherlode

Under the Ice: Motherlode

Season Premiere

In Nome, Alaska, miners risk their lives diving below the ice on the frozen Bering Sea for a fortune in gold. In the season premiere, one miner nearly loses his life, while another hits his biggest payday ever.

Bios: Meet the Teams

Prepare for the Premiere: Season 3 Recaps

armed on arrival

Armed on Arrival

Season Premiere

Mike Kennedy calls in his "A-Team" in order to snag a Czechoslovakian fighter jet. Ken Cage and Danny Thompson go after a $2 million Citation CJ1 and end up under fire. Kevin Lacey has a run in with an old adversary at the Sundance Air Show.

Top 10: Most Expensive Private Jets

Photos: Repo'ed Planes Gallery

series marathon

Series Marathon

All Evening Tomorrow

The hit American Heroes Channel series about America's first heroes and villains from the Wild West comes to Discovery tomorrow night. In each episode of Gunslingers, vivid reenactments are mixed with expert commentary to present a complete picture of this incredible time period.

The OK Corral: Point of No Return

Personality Quiz: Which Gunslinger Are You?

bares all

Bares All

Blood, Sweat, and Fears

Naked and Afraid Bares All reveals incredible unseen footage as bare naked strangers struggle to survive 21 days in some of the cruelest environments on the planet. You'll see fights, pain, and tears you didn't see in the original episodes.

Naked Bios: Meet This Season's Survivalists

Watch It Again: Maldives Episode

chopped and dropped model a

Chopped and Dropped Model A

Part II

After having trouble completing the '31 Chopped Model A job, Richard snaps back to his senses and puts the monkeys back on track to finish in ten days.

Last Week: Classic 1970s Jaguar Coupe

Photos: Model A, Jaguar, and an Old Caddy

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Bering Sea Gold (Season 3)

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Bering Sea Gold (Season 3)

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Bering Sea Gold (Season 3)

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Bering Sea Gold (Season 3)

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Bering Sea Gold (Season 3)

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Bering Sea Gold (Season 3)

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Bering Sea Gold: Dredged Up (Season 3)

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Bering Sea Gold

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Airplane Repo (Season 2)

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Bering Sea Gold

12:04 AM

Airplane Repo (Season 2)

1:04 AM

Bering Sea Gold (Season 3)


Bering Sea Gold: It's Gold Season! Play

Bering Sea Gold: It's Gold Season!

Head back to the Bering Sea with the new season of Bering Sea Gold, beginning tonight 9/8c. In a race to find gold under thick sheets of ice, there's danger at every turn. Tonight, someone nearly loses their life while someone else hits their biggest payday ever.

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Airplane Repo: Stealing Airplanes is My JOB Play

Airplane Repo: Stealing Airplanes is My JOB

Stealing airplanes is normally illegal, but in this case, it's a career. The Airplane Repo men take away luxury assets from people behind on their payments to the bank. In preparation for the season premiere tonight, check out this classic Season 1 moment, featuring Mike Kennedy taking a plane that may not be completely functional.

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MythBusters: M7 Retrospective

MythBusters: M7 Retrospective

On last night's MythBusters season finale, Adam and Jamie announced an end of an era. Next season they will be going back to their MythBusters beginnings and will be hosting the show without Kari, Tory, and Grant. In this M7 retrospective, we salute the trio for everything they've given in the name of science.

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Gold Rush: Season Five Sneak Peek Play

Gold Rush: Season Five Sneak Peek

A new crew, new machines, bold predictions, and shocking turns. Who will strike it rich and who will have to hang up their mining boots? Get an exclusive sneak peek at season five of Gold Rush, coming this fall to Discovery!

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Shark Week: Seal Decoy Cam

Shark Week: Seal Decoy Cam

Shark Week may be over (BOOOOO!), but that doesn't mean the shark fun has to stop! Check out this seal decoy cam, filmed off the coast of South Africa's infamous Seal Island. It's the only place in the world where great white sharks routinely leap completely out of the water.

Naked and Afraid: Nude Feud Play

Naked and Afraid: Nude Feud

Last week on Naked and Afraid, Hakim and Phaedra's partnership quickly deteriorated as they butted heads over responsibilities. As the tension boiled to the surface, the two considered parting ways to complete the 21-day challenge alone.

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Shark Week: Swimming with a Baby Great White Play

Shark Week: Swimming with a Baby Great White

Diving into shark-infested waters without a cage to film a great white shark sounds crazy, but that's exactly what shark expert Andy Casagrande did for Shark Week's Great White Matrix. Although the shark was a juvenile, it was still extremely dangerous.

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