series marathon

Series Marathon

All Evening Tonight

The hit American Heroes Channel series about America's first heroes and villains from the Wild West comes to Discovery tonight. In each episode of Gunslingers, vivid reenactments are mixed with expert commentary to present a complete picture of this incredible time period.

The OK Corral: Point of No Return

Personality Quiz: Which Gunslinger Are You?

bares all

Bares All

Blood, Sweat, and Fears

Naked and Afraid Bares All reveals incredible unseen footage as bare naked strangers struggle to survive 21 days in some of the cruelest environments on the planet. You'll see fights, pain, and tears you didn't see in the original episodes.

Naked Bios: Meet This Season's Survivalists

Watch It Again: Maldives Episode

chopped and dropped model a

Chopped and Dropped Model A

Part II

After having trouble completing the '31 Chopped Model A job, Richard snaps back to his senses and puts the monkeys back on track to finish in ten days.

Last Week: Classic 1970s Jaguar Coupe

Photos: Model A, Jaguar, and an Old Caddy

demolition theater

Demolition Theater

Mon 10/9c

Kick back and watch the funniest, most spectacular clips from around the world with Fast N' Loud's Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman. They'll see a stuntwoman do a fantastic face-plant, watch a desperate man in search of an erotic toy, and more.

Bios: Richard and Aaron

The Beer Fridge: Join the Conversation!

wild lives

Wild Lives

Tues 9/8c

The cast of Yukon Men are back on Tuesday to reveal new and shocking details about their struggles to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. They'll also give a sneak peek of the coming season and preview the big challenges and changes they'll face when Yukon Men returns Sept 2.

Video Highlights: The Best of Last Season

Online Exclusives: Behind the Scenes

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Fast N' Loud (Season 2b)

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Fast N' Loud (Season 2b)

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Street Outlaws: Chief's Challenge

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Street Outlaws: Loose Nuts

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Gold Rush: Parker's Take

4:00 PM

Gold Rush

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Gunslingers: Legends Of The West

9:00 PM

Gunslingers: Legends Of The West

10:00 PM

Redwood Kings: Cut Masters

11:00 PM

Gunslingers: Legends Of The West

12:00 AM

Gunslingers: Legends Of The West

1:00 AM

Redwood Kings: Cut Masters


Naked & Afraid: Booty-Biting Leech Play

Naked & Afraid: Booty-Biting Leech

One of the hazards of attempting to survive in the Himalayan foothills of northern India? Leeches latching on to your butt! That's exactly what Phaedra had to deal with, among other things, last week. Don't miss Naked and Afraid: Bares All tomorrow 10/9c.

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MythBusters: A Farewell to M7 Play

MythBusters: A Farewell to M7

On Thursday's MythBusters season finale, Adam and Jamie announced an end of an era. Next season they will be going back to their MythBusters roots and will be hosting the show without Kari, Tory, and Grant. Help us say farewell to this incredible trio with some of their best moments from the show.

The Best of Kari, Tory, & Grant
Bering Sea Gold: Odd Man Out Play

Bering Sea Gold: Odd Man Out

As viewers saw on last night's Bering Sea Gold premiere, Steve Riedel is a man down on his luck. Now without a dredge, Steve has had to turn to new fundraising strategies to try and get the Minnow out of hock.

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Discovery Presents: Earth Play

Discovery Presents: Earth

Don't take what you have around you for granted - the Earth is full of amazing things that are beyond belief. From stunning wild animals to beautiful scenery, there are truly breathtaking sights to be seen. In this playlist of the best Earth videos from Discovery, see some of the amazing wonders from our planet.

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Airplane Repo: Repo'ed Planes Gallery

Airplane Repo: Repo'ed Planes Gallery

Ken Cage, Kevin Lacey, Mike Kennedy, and Danny Thompson are the real deals - they steal luxury assets away from people behind on their bank payments. Check out this photo gallery featuring some of the amazing planes and boats that the Airplane Repo men were able to repossess.

Airplane Repo Photos
Shark Week: Jaws Strikes Back Cam

Shark Week: Jaws Strikes Back Cam

Shark Week may be over (BOOOO!), but that doesn't mean the shark fun has to stop! Check out these shark cams, used to follow three huge great white sharks as they hunted giant elephant seals off Guadalupe Island in the Pacific. This groundbreaking REMUS SharkCam was featured in Shark Week's Jaws Strikes Back.

The SharkCam
MythBusters: M7 Retrospective

MythBusters: M7 Retrospective

As seen on Thursday's MythBusters season finale, Jamie and Adam will be going it alone next season. In this M7 retrospective, we salute Kari, Tory, and Grant for everything they gave in the name of science.

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DNews: Goliath Grouper Swallows a Shark Whole

DNews: Goliath Grouper Swallows a Shark Whole

It's not every day you see a shark become prey to a larger fish. In this amazing clip, a fisherman off the Florida Gulf coast witnesses an Atlantic goliath grouper devour a blacktip shark in just one gulp!