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In Australia, dense roots and heavy mud slow Bear Grylls' passage.
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In Australia, dense roots and heavy mud slowed Bear Grylls' passage.

Man vs. Wild (2006 - 2011)

THEN: Already a star in the U.K., Bear Grylls burst onto American viewers' screens in 2006 with the premiere of Man vs. Wild on Discovery Channel. The series -- in which Bear demonstrated extreme survival techniques in extreme environments -- was an instant hit. And so, scenes of Bear squeezing water from elephant dung, drinking his own urine and eating sheep eyeballs were going viral online at a time when YouTube was barely a year old.

In addition to Man vs. Wild, Bear also hosted 2010's Worst Case Scenario and 2007's Bear's Mission Everest, in which he attempted to fly a powered paraglider higher than the famed mountain range.

Bear Grylls
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Bear is in production on so many shows, it took a whole paragraph to list them.

NOW: Bear Grylls is ... well, busy. REALLY busy. Recent and current TV series include ITV's Mission Survive, Discovery Channel's Escape From Hell, Channel 4's The Island With Bear Grylls, plus Get Out Alive, The Island and Running Wild With Bear Grylls -- all on NBC. Speaking of Running Wild -- in which Bear takes "six celebrities into the wildest and most remote locations in the world for a 48-hour journey of a lifetime" -- the just-announced season two will feature Kate Winslet, Ed Helms, James Marsden and Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez. Stay tuned for that premiere in 2015.

Off-screen, Grylls has led record-breaking expeditions from Antarctica to the Arctic, which in turn have raised over $2.5 million for children around the world. In addition, he's now authored 15 books, including the No 1 Bestseller: Mud Sweat & Tears. Oh, and he's a husband and a father to three boys. Did we mention Bear's a busy guy?

Just TRY to keep up with him. Like Bear Grylls on Facebook, follow @beargrylls on Twitter and watch him on YouTube.

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