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Mikey Teutul
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Mikey was originally hired at OCC to "answer the phones and take out the trash."
American Chopper (2003 - 2012)

THEN: When American Chopper: The Series premiered on Discovery Channel in 2003, Mikey Teutul quickly emerged as one of the show's most popular characters. Originally hired to "answer the phones and take out the trash" at Orange County Choppers, Mikey was actually the force that helped keep the peace between his father and brother, lightening the moods of everyone around him with his quick wit. The role of peacemaker and public figure proved too much for Michael, however, and he quit the show in May 2012 in order to "seek some peace of mind and work on my relationship with my dad."

Mikey Teutul
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Mikey Teutul and his brother Paul Jr. in January 2015.
Courtesy of Paul Teutul Jr.

NOW: After quitting American Chopper in May 2012, Mikey Teutul took some time to regroup, which included refocusing on his health and his family relationships -- and yes, that includes his father and his brother, both of whom are back in his life. As part of the simplification of his life, Mikey closed his art gallery in 2014, but continues to paint, play music and do some of his own filmmaking as well as make occasional appearances at conventions or bike shows. Most recently, Mikey appeared in December 2014's American Chopper: Shaq Bike special with Senior, and is currently engaged in an activity "I can't speak of yet." So you'll just have to stay tuned.

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