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Reed Timmer
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Reed Timmer was just 27 when Storm Chasers premiered.

Storm Chasers (2007 - 2011)

THEN: When Storm Chasers premiered in 2007, Reed Timmer -- then only 27 years old -- had already been chasing storms for half his life. His obsession with extreme weather led Reed to not only pursue his Ph.D. in meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, but start TornadoVideos.net, a company devoted to extreme storm chasing footage and research. Viewers may remember that during the first season of Storm Chasers, Reed and his team successfully deployed a 300 pound TVN tornado probe in the path of a fast-moving twister in Kansas, capturing HD video from inside the circulation. During the next off-season, Reed took his mission to the next level and developed the iconic TVN Dominator, a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe modified to serve as an armored research vehicle.

Reed Timmer
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Reed Timmer hasn't slowed down a BIT.
Courtesy of Reed Timmer

NOW: Since 2011, Reed Timmer, not surprisingly, has continued to chase storms nonstop, including SuperStorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac, where he found himself stuck on a parking garage on the coast surrounded by 20 feet of water from the Gulf of Mexico for three days. Now working with the Dominator 4, Reed films storms for TVNweather.com and serves as part of both AccuWeather and Oklahoma's KFOR 4Warn Storm Team.

So far this season, Reed says, "We lost a few windshields to softball-size hail, intercepted rain-wrapped tornadoes, and I lost a phone/video camera." Examples of Reed's April 2015 chases include a Kansas rain-wrapped tornado and a Texas monster supercell. Want more footage? Check out Tornado Chasers, an online series that Reed produced with his TornadoVideos.Net team on TVNweather.com.

Viewers will also be interested to know that, says Reed, "I finally had my PhD defense at University of Oklahoma a few weeks ago." But perhaps Reed's biggest news? He's getting married in December 2015 to FOX meteorologist Maria Molina, who is his current storm chasing partner.

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