BMX Biker Does Parkour On Dizzying Rooftops

posted: 12/16/15
by: Alyssa Danigelis for Discovery News

Don't mind the biker wheeling along your rooftop, hopping from one building to another with no safety net. That's just BMX biker Danny MacAskill making acrobatic tricks at dizzying heights seem like a day at the beach.

MacAskill took his bike game to new heights on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands recently.

A GoPro on his helmet and the crew from Mount Creative captured all his graceful high-flying stunts using numerous camera setups and drones, according to The Creators Project.

The design folks at Vision Ramps helped build some bike-friendly features on the sunny, colorful island rooftops for him. MacAskill bikes around playfully, ducking under laundry lines, biking past a man sawing lumber, and jumping above residents gathered on their balcony.

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This guy has been honing his skills for years now. Back in 2009 he spent several months doing bike stunts around Edinburgh. Last year, he took a death-defying ride along the Cuillin Ridgeline on his native Isle of Skye.

One thing I tried not to think about in his recent video (watch the whole thing below): The lack of obvious protective gear besides his helmet and gloves. But MacAskill makes it all look so effortless. At one point he hops down a long and steep outdoor stairwell. Even just walking down that, I'd grab the side for balance.

via The Creators Project

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