Daredevils on Jetpacks Fly Alongside World’s Largest Jetliner

posted: 11/06/15
by: Danny Clemens

What do you get when you mix the world's largest passenger airliner, two experienced jetpack pilots and the breathtaking Dubai skyline?

In a dazzling display of aerial majesty, veteran jet wing pilots Yves Rossy & Vince Reffet have taken to the skies of Dubai for yet another awe-inspiring flight -- but this time, they've invited an Airbus A380 along of the ride.

Throughout a spectacular 3-minute video, the unlikely trio tumbles effortlessly through the skies over one of the world's most luxurious cities:

Although the routine may look like a piece of cake, a great deal of work went into producing the stunt.

"The carefully choreographed aerial showcase involved the world's largest passenger aircraft flying at 4,000 feet in two holding patterns," the Jetman Dubai website explains. "The A380 aircraft was then joined by the Jetman Dubai duo [...] who were deployed from a helicopter that hovered above the aircraft at 5,500 feet."

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With its 261-foot wingspan, the A380 can carry up to 853 passengers, depending upon its configuration. The second largest commercial aircraft by passenger capacity, the Boeing 777-300, can carry a mere of 550 passengers.

Interestingly, neither craft holds the record for the greatest number of passengers carried by a commercial airliner. According to Guinness World Records, a Boeing 747 once carried 1,088 Ethiopian Jews to Israel during an emergency evacuation in 1991. Authorities removed all of the 747's seats to accommodate the massive evacuation, which involved 34 different aircraft and spanned 36 hours.


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