Glass Walkway in China Cracks Beneath Tourists

posted: 10/07/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Shattered glass bridge in China
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Officials examine the cracked pane of glass.
STR/AFP/Getty Images

Imagine this: you're ambling along a glass walkway, admiring the breathtaking view of the 3,500 feet of empty space between your feet and the ground. Suddenly, one of your companions accidentally drops a steel travel mug, causing the very glass beneath your feet to crack.

That harrowing scene came to life earlier this week on China's Yuntaishan walkway, a 220-foot, U-shaped pathway wrapped tightly around a cliff. Chinese news outlet People's Daily reports that a falling thermos caused the walkway's top layer of glass to shatter, prompting authorities to evacuate and shut down the structure.

Although the thought of watching glass crack beneath your feet may seem frightening, Mashable reports that tourists on the walkway were never in any danger. The structure is comprised of three layered panes of glass; only the top layer was damaged by the falling mug.

Glass bridges and walkways are taking China by storm, enticing tourists with a thrilling promenade and once-in-a-lifetime views. Just last month, a 1,000-foot glass bridge that sits 600 feet above the ground opened in China's Shiniuzhai National Geopark.

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