Man Rescued After 66 Days at Sea

posted: 04/03/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
US Coast Guard rescues sailor adrift for 66 days
U.S. Coast Guard (screenshot)

A North Carolina man missing at sea for 66 days was rescued on Thursday after sailors spotted his disabled sailboat floating in the open ocean.

The crew of the German-flagged Houston Express spotted 37-year-old Louis Jordan's vessel 200 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and immediately hoisted him aboard. A team of rescuers dispatched by the U.S. Coast Guard then transferred Jordan by air to a nearby hospital for a medical evaluation.

Jordan was stranded at sea after the mast on his sailboat snapped and the vessel capsized; he suffered a broken shoulder during the capsizing and was physically unable to repair the broken mast. In an interview, Jordan said that he survived for over two months by rationing rainwater and eating fish.

His family reported him missing to authorities on January 29th after he failed to return from a planned fishing trip.

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