Surfer Survives Harrowing Free Fall From Monster Wave

posted: 02/01/16
by: Danny Clemens

In what has been described as "a space walk for the ages," a surfer recently took a terrifying tumble from the crest of a mammoth ocean wave.

Cameras were rolling as American surfer Tom Dosland ascended a 40-foot wave at Jaws, a popular surf break in Hawaii. Things quickly took a turn for the worse, however, as he was thrown from the top of the wave and forced to endure a terrifying 20-foot fall back into the water:

Thankfully, Dosland escaped the ordeal unscathed -- although his board was not so lucky -- and returned to the water the next day.

"I instantly realized that this wasn't going to end well for me," he recounted in a recent interview with Surfer magazine.

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"I was free-falling for a while. It felt like I jumped off a cliff. That's when my leash stretched out all the way and flipped me over head-first. From there, I hit the face and it was just a brutal beating, like I was in a car crash."

Dosland's fall is now a very viable contender for the World Surf League's 2016 TAG Heuer Wipeout Award.


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