9 Cool Things That Will Happen During Today’s #LeapSecond

posted: 06/30/15
by: Danny Clemens
frog catching cricket with tongue

Today's the day - at 23:59:60 UTC this evening, The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems will add one extra second to the world clock.

Leap seconds are intended to account for a very minor discrepancy between the atomic click and Earth's actual rotation: although the Earth's rotation gradually slows, atomic clocks are programmed to tell time with absolutely no variation. Thus, the additional second will put atomic clocks back on par with the Earth.

It might not be an earth-shattering addition to the clock, but some pretty cool things go down in that fleeting second:

  • A bullet travels 900 meters #
  • A fly flaps it wing approximately 200 times #
  • A snail travels 1 centimeter #
  • A toad's tongue snatches an insect #
  • Your heart pumps more than a gallon of blood #
  • Lightning strikes 100 times #
  • 3,160 tons of water flows over Niagara Falls #
  • 16 million tons of water evaporate #
  • Americans eat more than 350 slices of pizza #

How will you spend your leap second?

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