Ancient Spooning Couple Discovered in Greece

posted: 04/09/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Spooning mummies
The Diros Project

Archaeologists digging in Greece stumbled upon a love scene 6,000 years in the making: a man and woman, buried with intertwined arms and legs, as if they were spooning. Experts are still searching for clues as to why the couple was interred so deliberately.

"There've only been a couple of prehistoric examples of this behavior around the world, but even when couples are buried together, they're beside each other and not typically touching. This couple was actually spooning. We assume they were partners of some kind, and because of DNA analysis, we do know they are male and female," noted archaeologist Michael Galaty.

The spooning duo is believed to have died around 3800 B.C. and was discovered near the Alepotrypa Cave on Greece's Mediterranean coast. Their cause of death is yet to be determined.

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