Canadian Company Sells Clean, Bottled Air in China

posted: 12/17/15
by: Danny Clemens
Smog in China Dec 2015
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Smog reduced the visibility to less than a hundred meters in Hangzhou, China last week.
ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

A Canadian company selling bottles of mountain air has found an unsurprising market for their unconventional product: smog-infested Chinese urban centers.

Vitality Air, the Edmonton, Alberta-based startup, recently began selling canisters of compressed air from Banff National Park on Chinese e-commerce website Taobao.

For a mere $32 CAD plus shipping, one bottle provides "upwards of 150 breaths of fresh Banff air," according to the company's website. The 7.7-liter package comes with a built-in face mask that funnels clean air directly to the user's face.

Co-founder Moses Lam told CNN that an initial production run of 500 canisters old out in less than two weeks. The company has already collected nearly 1,000 preorders for its next batch.

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The notion of taking small doses of "fresh" air mirrors the recent rise of oxygen bars throughout the world, where customers recreationally inhale oxygen that is said to help bolster energy levels, strengthen the immune system and reduce stress, similar to claims made on Vitality Air's own website.

"By supplying our customers with fresh clean air as well as oxygen, we allow them to boost energy levels in a natural way, helps with hangovers, alertness, and working out," the company boasts.


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