Car Parked Next to Lake Erie Encased in Ice

posted: 01/11/16
by: Danny Clemens
Car parked by Lake Erie is completely frozen

Here's a tip: If you live near Lake Erie, don't park so close to the lake, or else your car could end up like this... completely covered and frozen in ice! That's what happened to one unfortunate driver in Hamburg, NY, who's going to need a lot more than just an ice scraper to defrost his car: http://cnn.it/1mRjrKL

Posted by CNN on Monday, January 11, 2016

Once again, the Great Lakes region finds itself in Mother Nature's crosshairs, as severe winter weather has dropped nearly a foot of snow in some parts of New York.

For one unlucky soul, however, Mother Nature's wrath is especially chilling.

WKBW reporter Matthew Bove took to Twitter Monday morning to share a remarkable photo of a car in Hamburg, New York completely encased in a thick layer of ice:

The vehicle was parked in the path of water blowing off of Lake Erie, which froze quickly as temperatures dipped below freezing during the overnight and early morning hours.

In a follow-up interview, the Mitsubishi Lancer's owner told Bove that he had spent the night before the storm drinking with friends at a nearby bar. Rather than trying to drive home, the man made the safe decision to seek alternate transportation.

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Unfortunately, the 24-year-old will likely have to wait several days before he can retrieve his ice-mobile, as another band of lake-effect snow is expected to pummel the region before the end of the week.

The lake-effect snow phenomenon, which occurs when a cold front sponges up moisture as it passes over a large, warm body of water, is known to produce dramatic amounts of snowfall.

"Snowfall rates may exceed 5 inches an hour and be accompanied by lightning and thunder," NOAA explains. " A band of snow can hover over one location for several hours, dropping several feet of snow."


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