Lightning Strikes Jetliner at Atlanta Airport

posted: 08/21/15
by: Cody Barr, Velocity.com
Airliner struck by lightning
Jack Perkins via YouTube

According to Air and Space Magazine, nearly every commercial airliner is struck by lightning at least once each year. It may be a frequent occurrence, but rarely is it felt or observed by passengers -- until now. According to YouTube, where a remarkable video was originally posted on August 8, this Delta 737 is struck by a bolt of lightning while sitting on the runway at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia:

The YouTube video comes from user Jack Perkins, who appears to have joined YouTube for the purpose of disseminating this incredible video (his account was activated the same day of the flight). Thankfully, there were no injuries or damages reported as a result of the strike.

Most aircraft consist primarily of aluminum, which is known to effectively conduct electricity and keep the dangerous electric current on the exterior of the plane. Lighting, however, remains a serious concern for aeronautical engineers as the increased magnetization can cause glitches in a plane's electrical system.

The last confirmed crash of an American commercial plane due to lighting occurred in 1967, as reported by Scientific American.

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