Second Devastating Earthquake in Three Weeks Strikes Nepal

posted: 05/12/15
by: Danny Clemens

Relief organizations and governments have already pledged millions of dollars to earthquake relief efforts. Discovery is donating $250,000 to the relief efforts and has launched an employee matching campaign. Join the Discovery family in supporting GlobalGiving's Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

May 12 Nepal Earthquake
AP Photo/Ranup Shrestha

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal overnight, less than a month after a 7.8-magnitude quake killed thousands throughout the region and caused billions of dollars in damage.

More than 40 deaths and 1,000 injuries have already been confirmed in Nepal and India. The United States Geological Survey reports that the quake occurred at a depth of 9.3 miles, and was centered near the Nepal-Tibet border, approximately 50 miles (80km) northeast of Kathmandu. At least five aftershocks have already occurred.

While not as powerful as the April 25 earthquake, today's tremor still caused significant structural damage, and toppled many buildings already severely damaged by April's quake. Relief worker Kumar Paudel told the Washington Post that he saw three buildings "collapsing in front of my own eyes" in Chautara, a town near the quake's epicenter. The BBC is also reporting that "enormous landslides" caused additional building collapses.

Although relief missions from foreign governments began to pull out of the region last week, there is still a large presence of relief workers from non-governmental organizations in the area.


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