Stunning Aurora Borealis Captivates Skygazers

posted: 06/23/15
by: Danny Clemens

An intense solar storm brought the Aurora Borealis much farther south than usual on Monday evening, and photos of the incredible auroras dominating skies throughout the northern hemisphere are spreading like wildfire:

Our friends in high places also took to social media to share their unique, breathtaking vantage of the light show from the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly caught a glimpse of the aurora from 250 miles above the Earth:

According to Rodney Viereck, of the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado, an aurora like this one hasn't been seen in almost a decade. In an interview with the Denver Post, he called the solar storm that caused last night's light show "one of the biggest storms we've had since 2003".

The solar storms are expected to continue through the middle of this week, although they will likely not be strong enough to be visible from as far south as they were on Monday evening.


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