There’s a Walkable Map of the World in Denmark

posted: 11/30/15
by: Danny Clemens
Walkable map of the world
Frank Vincentz/Wikimedia Commons

It really is a small world after all at Denmark's World Map at Lake Klejtrup, a 43,000-square foot world map built entirely to scale.

Constructed solely of stones and soil in Lake Klejtrup, the project took one man 25 years to complete. According to Atlas Obscura, Soren Poulsen built the attraction entirely by hand between 1944 and 1969, aided only by "a wheelbarrow, a pushcart, handtools and a whole lot of ingenuity."

Poulsen reportedly did most of his construction work during the winter; as Lake Klejtrup froze over, he carefully positioned dozens of stones and boulders on the ice. When the lake thawed, the boulders descended into the water, forming the foundation for the project's landmasses.

2014 Verdenskortet i Klejtrup

Since the map's completion in 1969 (and Poulsen's death shortly thereafter), territorial boundaries in certain regions have shifted considerably. Although the borders of individual countries are not demarcated, each country is represented by a small flag planted proudly in the ground. The Republic of South Sudan's 2011 secession from Sudan prompted the map's most recent update.

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Known as Verdenskortet in Danish, the booming tourist attraction now hosts a cafe and meeting space:


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