This Picturesque Lake is Draining Away into a Mysterious Hole

posted: 05/05/15
by: Discovery.com Staff

Lost Lake is lost every spring.

The lake fills with water from nearby streams as the winter snow melts, leaving behind a picturesque addition to the Oregon landscape. By the time summer rolls around, however, the lake water drains completely into an enigmatic 6-foot hole, and the former Lost Lake finds new life as a meadow -- until the next winter, when the cycle starts all over again.

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Willamette National Forest Jude McHugh spokeswoman told local newspaper The Bend Bulletin that the hole is part of an open lava tube. Lava drained out from the tube before it hardened, leaving an open subterranean passage. McHugh could not confirm exactly where the tube leads, but experts believe that the water from the lake drains into a porous aquifer and eventually turns into a spring.


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