Astronomers Compile Definitive Catalog of Hubble Observations

posted: 03/16/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Spider Nebula
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Hubble has collected over one million photos in the past 25 years.

Astronomers from Johns Hopkins University and the Space Telescope Science Institute have compiled a comprehensive photo database of 100 million celestial objects observed by the Hubble Space Telescope, dubbed the Hubble Source Catalog. In addition to photos, the catalog also includes the measurements, brightness, color and shape of each object.

Data for the catalog is sourced from Hubble's three primary instruments: Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, Advanced Camera for Surveys, and Wide Field Camera 3. For the first time, the data is sorted by celestial object, making it much easier for astronomers studying a specific object to gather large amounts of data.

"The HSC is arguably the Hubble's ultimate legacy," remarked Dr. Tamas Budavari of Johns Hopkins University. "Not only is it a one-stop shop, but it's the first place to go. It's the table of contents for and the summary of most Hubble observations. If a zillion investigators pointed Hubble in the same direction at their region of interest in different wavelengths, now we have taken all of those observations and put them together into a compilation of the measurements for all objects within that region."

Click here to visit the Hubble Source Catalog


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