Expedition 42 Crew Lands Safely in Kazakhstan

posted: 03/12/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Expedition 42 Soyuz TMA-14M Landing
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The Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft descends over Kazakhstan Thursday morning.
NASA/Bill Ingalls

A multinational crew of astronauts returned safely to Earth after a 167-day mission aboard the International Space Station, NASA announced Thursday.

Expedition 42 Commander Barry Wilmore of NASA and flight engineers Alexander Samokutyaev and Elena Serova of the Russian Federal Space Agency touched down at approximately 8:00 a.m. local time in Kazakhstan. They returned from space aboard the Soyuz spacecraft's reentry module.

The three crew members completed several spacewalks and hundreds of experiments to prepare the space station for future contact with commercial spacecraft.

Additionally, the crew carried out medical research investigating the effects of long-term space travel on the human body. The research will be key in planning an upcoming yearlong United States-Russia joint mission. In a news release, NASA said that the joint mission will be an "important stepping stone" on mankind's journey to Mars.

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