NASA Tool Lets Users Journey Across the Surface of Mars

posted: 08/06/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
The red planet Mars, which has captivated human imagination since the ancient Babylonians.

We haven't sent humans to Mars yet, but a new NASA website lets you explore the Red Planet's surface like you're actually there.

Dubbed Mars Trek, the free, web-based tool is essentially the Martian version of Google Earth -- users can traverse the surface of Mars as it has been observed by more than 50 years of NASA missions. The website is also configured so that users can print physical, 3-D models of Mars' surface features based on topographical data.

NASA scientists are already using the tool to scope out potential landing sites for the agency's upcoming Mars 2020 rover.

"This tool has opened my eyes as to how we should first approach roaming on another world, and now the public can join in on the fun," said NASA's Planetary Science Division director Jim Green in a press release.

"Our robotic scientific explorers are paving the way, making great progress on the journey to Mars. Together, humans and robots will pioneer Mars and the solar system," he said.

The agency also announced the release of Experience Curiosity, which allows users to follow the Curiosity rover through its day-to-day activities using data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Both tools commemorate the third anniversary of Curiosity's landing on Mars.

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