Retouching Magic Makes NASA’s Apollo Photos Even More Breathtaking

posted: 10/08/15
by: Danny Clemens
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Space fanatics went wild earlier this week after thousands of unprocessed photos from NASA's Apollo missions were uploaded to Flickr.

Many of the photos have been seen before in some form or another, but this was the first time that the unprocessed, high-resolution version of NASA's most iconic lunar mission photography had been presented in one exhaustive collection.

In their raw state, the photos evoke a whimsical sense of nostalgia -- their distinct green tinge serves as a stark reminder of just how far we've come in the past half-century.

Although the photos come from a bygone era, the quest to explore space is far from over. Nebraska-based photographer Jeremy Dreier has given the photos some digital tender love and care, and his infusion of twenty-first century life takes the photos to another level:

NASA Apollo retouch
NASA/Jeremy Dreier
NASA Apollo Retouch 2
NASA/Jeremy Dreier
NASA Apollo Retouch 3
NASA/Jeremy Dreier

Click here to see more of the retouched Apollo photos on Jeremy's blog.


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