Scott Kelly Plays Ping Pong in Space, No Plastic Balls Required

posted: 01/22/16
by: Danny Clemens

We already know that things work a little bit differently aboard the International Space Station, but this is probably our favorite quirk of life in low-Earth orbit.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly took to Twitter on Thursday to share his take on celestial ping pong, using special hydrophobic paddles to volley floating blobs of water back and forth through the microgravity environment.

It might not be the most exciting game of ping pong, but it's a refreshing change of pace from the chaotic back-and-forth of ping pong on Earth!

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Kelly's game marks his 300th day aboard the space station as part of the One Year Mission, an effort to study the long-term effects of space flight on the human body. NASA is specifically investigating the human body's reaction to extended weightlessness, isolation, radiation and stress as preparation for the agency's eventual journey to Mars.


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