We May Soon Be Looking at Earth through Virtual Reality Goggles

posted: 08/11/15
by: Danny Clemens
Earth from the ISS

You may soon be able to experience low-orbit spaceflight through virtual reality goggles -- if a new company can raise a cool chunk of change.

SpaceVR has launched a Kickstarter campaign to send a 360-degree camera to the International Space Station. In orbit, the camera will collect footage from the station's Cupola observation module that will then be available to the public via virtual reality goggles.

The company needs $500,000 to fund the venture, which will cover operating costs for the camera's first year. If enough money is raised, the camera's casing will be 3-D printed aboard the ISS, where an astronaut will assemble and mount the device.

If the ISS experiment is successful, SpaceVR hopes to eventually send virtual reality cameras to the moon, an asteroid and, ultimately, Mars.

"Only 536 people have ever been to space; at SpaceVR we ask, what about the other 7 billion? Our vision is to bring the Overview Effect to everyone by allowing people to truly experience space and to explore our universe through the magic of virtual reality," the campaign's website reads.

If you don't have virtual reality goggles, you can preview a "flat" version of the technology from your smartphone. Open this video in the latest version of the YouTube app and swivel your device for a flattened 360-degree experience.

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