Australian Schools Send Robots into Classrooms

posted: 08/14/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Nao robots in Australia
Swinburne University of Technology

Schoolchildren in Australia will soon have new classroom companions: robots.

A Swinburne University of Technology research project will send humanoid robots into two primary and secondary schools each semester for the next three years. Teachers will work with researchers to integrate the robots seamlessly into school curricula, providing real-time feedback about the challenges and benefits of working with robots.

The Nao humanoid robots will also be used to teach students coding, programming and other computer science skills.

"Through the three year research program, we hope to identify the 'best practice' way that robots can be implemented into school curriculums. We want the robots to improve classroom learning, not simply be a novelty or distraction," said lead researcher Dr. Therese Keane in a news release.

Although robots have been used in classrooms before, Keane says that research of this kind has never been conducted in a classroom setting.

"Robots are becoming a part of society. It is the responsibility of Australian schools to prepare their students with the skills needed for the future," she added.

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