Ebola Vaccine is 100% Successful When Administered Immediately

posted: 07/31/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Electron micrograph of an Ebola virus virion
CDC/Cynthia Goldsmith

Ebola vaccine VSV-ZEBOV is 100% successful in preventing transmission when administered immediately, the World Health Organization announced today.

A 7,500-participant trial utilized ring vaccination, a process through which researchers vaccinate exposed persons, their immediate contacts and their contact's contacts in order to create a "ring" of protection around the virus. Some rings received vaccinations immediately after possible exposure, while others received delayed vaccinations.

Among the rings that received immediate vaccination, no new cases of the virus were reported. Only 18 cases were reported in the delayed vaccination rings.

"Our results are encouraging in that they suggest that ring vaccination could substantially reduce rates of Ebola virus disease in the community. Because the way that Ebola virus transmits has been shown to be consistent across countries and regions, we believe that these results are likely to be applicable to other regions of Guinea and to Sierra Leone and Liberia," explains study co-author Professor John-Arne Rottingen, from the University of Oslo, Norway

A cautiously optimistic press release notes that the vaccine is not yet licensed for use beyond the clinical trial. Should the vaccine receive the green light, a WHO team has been "creating guidelines for the vaccine's use, strategies for community engagement, and mechanisms to expand country capacity for the vaccine's distribution and delivery," the organization says.

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