Forested Tower Coming Soon to Switzerland

posted: 11/13/15
by: Glenn McDonald for Discovery News
Vertical forest concept
Stefano Boeri

We've seen plenty of early concept art and plans for vertical gardens, farmscrapers and other kinds of innovative greenspaces. But a forthcoming project building project in Switzerland takes things to another level.

For one thing, the 26-story La Tour des Cedres (or Cedar Trees Tower) promises to be a veritable vertical forest. For another thing, all indications are that this one is actually going to get built.

The mixed-use residential and retail building, which will rise to a height of more than 117 meters (383 feet), has been approved by officials in Lausanne, Switzerland. Construction is set to begin in 2017. The structure will be home to more than 100 trees and upwards of 3,000 square meters of overall greenery.

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The building's distinctive cantilevered exterior is designed to accommodate large trees in special concrete planters. In addition to the initial collection of cedar trees, the structure's exterior will feature more than 6,000 shrubs and 18,000 smaller plants.

Vertical forest concept
Stefano Boeri

La Tour des Cedres will also incorporate an array of sustainable energy technologies, including a rainwater collection system, solar panels and ground source heat pumps.

The building project is the result of a prestigious architectural competition hosted by the city. Italian architect Stefano Boeri was finally chosen to build the tower, in collaboration with Studio Laura Gatti BuroHappold Engineering.

Some architects have all the fun. You can see more images and specification information at the official project page, but bring your translation software.

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