How the Birthplace of the Oil Industry is Going Green

posted: 06/16/15
by: Danny Clemens

Thousands of oil prospectors flocked to Titusville, Pennsylvania in the mid-nineteenth century after petroleum was discovered along the banks of Oil Creek. Oil, however, isn't a renewable resource, and the petroleum rush peaked in the late 1890's, leaving the town to grapple with the changing face of energy throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

A group of chemistry students at Titusville High School is experimenting with a new, sustainable way to power the next generation of vehicles -- all while still paying homage to the legacy of Oil Creek. Using water electrolysis, the students convert water harvested from Oil Creek to create enough gaseous hydrogen to power a fuel cell vehicle.

"To bring it back here to Titusville, where we started the oil industry -- it's a proud moment," remarks a beaming Titusville resident.

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