In Fight Against Floodwaters, Lamborghini Wins (Surprisingly)

posted: 01/07/16
by: Danny Clemens

Breaking news: the Lamborghini Gallardo is more of an amphibious vehicle than we ever realized.

Remarkable footage uploaded to Facebook shows a white Lambo taking on a deep pool of standing water in San Diego. After wading through a flooded intersection, the $200,000 white knight somehow emerges seemingly unscathed:

As car enthusiasts have pointed out on social media, the luxury vehicle is equipped with a rear engine and intake valves. While many other vehicles' front engine would take the floodwaters head-on (and likely stall out), the Gallardo takes the deluge in stride -- the vehicle's body would have to be nearly submerged in order for the intake valves to suck in water.

It's worth noting that driving through water is highly discouraged. According to the National Weather Service, a mere 12 inches of rushing water is enough to carry away a small car, while 24 inches can sweep away a larger vehicle.

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"Over half of all flood-related drownings occur when a vehicle is driven into hazardous flood water," the agency explains. "Many of the deaths occur in automobiles as they are swept downstream. Of these drownings, many are preventable, but too many people continue to drive around the barriers that warn you the road is flooded."

When in doubt -- turn around, don't drown!


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