Intelligent Fish Tank Grows Plants With Fish Poo

posted: 11/19/15
by: Danny Clemens
Grove Ecosystem
Grove Labs

A new, high-tech device takes in-home gardening to the next level.

Part garden, part fish tank, the self-contained Grove Ecosystem from Grove Labs utilizes aquaponic technology to circulate nutrients from a built-in aquatic habitat to the system's growing area.

The aquaponic process begins in the device's self-filtering aquarium, which houses a small yet robust marine ecosystem. The waste that the resident shrimp, snails and fish produce is rich in ammonia, which microbes then convert to nitrates, an effective plant fertilizer. A completely natural process, the ammonia-nitrate conversion also keeps the tank's water clean and the marine animals healthy.

Above the aquarium, edible plant life thrives in 305 square inches of growing space, nourished by the waste from the animals beneath. Users can use the system to grow vegetables, herbs or small fruits.

Grove Ecosystem
Grove Labs

"With a constant supply of water, nutrients and quality light you can expect a higher level of production than typically seen in an outdoor garden. Additionally, you can plant your crops much denser than in outdoor soil," Grove explains.

Grove Ecosystem also comes with a dedicated mobile app, which helps users track the growth of their crops. Push notifications customized for specific crops remind users when it comes time to harvest their bounty, and the Ecosystem's LED lighting can also be adjusted through the mobile interface.

The first iteration of the Grove Ecosystem is available in exchange for a $2,700 donation to the project's Kickstarter campaign, which has already tripled its initial fundraising goal.


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