Is this Manta Ray-Shaped Floating City the University of the Future?

posted: 09/28/15
by: Discovery.com Staff

This isn't your typical college town!

The brainchild of renowned French architect Jacques Rougerie, the manta ray-shaped City of Meriens is a colossal floating university designed with sustainability in mind.

Capable of carrying up to 7,000 students, researchers and professors, the 3,000-foot vessel runs completely on renewable energy, producing no waste. The craft sports aquaculture facilities and a hydroponic greenhouse to support food production.

The vessel extends almost 400 feet into the water to facilitate marine research, and the manta ray's "spine" is actually a small lagoon capable of storing smaller research vessels.

"People would come [from] all over the world - it's an international city governed by United Nations standards. It's destined for researchers, academics and students who wish to explore and study the ocean," Rougerie told weather.com. "It also welcomes observers and anyone with the passion for the ocean. The City of Meriens is open for all the countries of the world, so each nation could have access to the ocean's scientific resources."

According to the Daily Mail, 'meriens' a recently coined French term that roughly translates to 'oceanite.'


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