New Emoji Map Captures Favorite Emotions by State

posted: 08/19/15
by: Discovery News
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Keyboard app maker SwiftKey has released a fun peek under the hood of America's emoji-loving psyche, with a map showing the most popular symbols used by each state.

Using data crunched from 1-billion-plus emojis used in its SwiftKey Cloud (used by smartphone customers to let their phones learn more, over time, about how they type), the company was able to pinpoint which emojis were being sent most from which states.

While the first instinct might be to go to one's home state and see what it types most, it's also amusing to learn which emojis are flying by in other places.

More than any other state, for example, Vermont employs the emoji for poop. (Why is a question best left to its residents.) Nevada, meanwhile, has a thing for eggplant, apparently, and New Hampshire expresses a love for beer more than any other state. (Washington state, by contrast, goes for wine and is also tops for donuts.)

Kentucky, for its part, is the most interested in a hair cut, as it tops the barber pole emoji category. Louisiana gets spooky with the country's most-used skull symbol, and Oklahoma also enjoys a scare with a ghost emoji.

For a closer look at the emoji data, you can check out SwiftKey's interactive map here as well as its full report in PDF.

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