Report: World can Rid Itself of Fossil Fuel Dependence in as Little as 10 Years

posted: 05/15/15
by: Danny Clemens
Nuclear power

The world could deplete its supply of fossil fuels in as little as 50 years. As we race against time to implement alternative energy sources, a new report published in the journal PLoS One suggests that the world could completely replace fossil fuels with nuclear power in as little as a decade.

Penned by Uppsala University's Staffan Qvist and University of Tasmania's Barry Brooks, the report looks at the proliferation of nuclear power across Sweden and France, two of the international leaders in the nuclear power movement. Sweden's mass rollout was the fastest per capita, providing a benchmark "best-case scenario" upon which to build.

"If the world built nuclear power at no more than the per capita rate of these exemplar nations during their national expansion, then coal- and gas-fired electricity could be replaced worldwide in less than a decade," write Qvist and Brooks.

After the 1972 rollout of nuclear power in Sweden, CO2 emissions fell by 75%, electricity costs plummeted and costs of producing electricity fell dramatically.

Qvist and Brooks' work is available in the free journal PLoS ONE


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