Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in 1 Second

posted: 01/26/16
by: Tracy Staedter for Discovery News

Well, this could be one for the record books. That's what Jay Flatland and Paul Rose hope, anyway.

They've build a robot capable of solving a Rubik's Cube in a little over 1 second.

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In a video posted on YouTube (see below), Flatland and Rose demonstrate their robot, who could really use a name.

Come on, the cube-solving algorithm has one. It's called Kociemba (running on Linux) and they use it in combination with four USB webcams.

The cameras record the different sides of a scrambled puzzle to determine the cube's state and then feed that information into the algorithm. The algorithm then determines a set of moves to solve the puzzle.

In the video, Flatland shows the robot -- which turns the different sides using servo motors affixed to a 3D-printed frame -- solving the cube a couple of different times, and it's pretty impressive.

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Times include 1.196 seconds and 1.047 seconds. The best time achieved by a human is about five seconds.

Flatland and Rose say in the video that they are in the process of applying for an official world record.

Good luck, guys. And maybe should call your robot Cubey or Cuber. Just a thought.

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