Scented Alarm Clock Helps You Rise & Shine Without the Beeps

posted: 01/06/16
by: Danny Clemens
Sensorwake alarm clock

In the morning, there's nothing worse than the piercing scream of an alarm clock interrupting your precious slumber. What if you could rise and shine without the screech?

Enter Sensorwake, a new alarm clock on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that gently prods night owls out of their ZZZs with the timed release of stimulating aroma. Users have the choice of a gentle awakening by a variety of different food or nature scents, including fresh croissant, seaside and espresso.

Speaking of espresso, Sensorwake picks up the slack where single-serve coffee machines have dropped the ball. Designed with sustainability in mind, the gadget employs a completely recyclable 30-use capsule to deliver scents.

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During testing, the product proved to be 99% effective in waking up its users. For the remaining 1% of heavy sleepers, the clock comes with a traditional aural alarm, which sounds after three minutes of scent release.

The project, which raised nearly a quarter-million dollars through its 2015 Kickstarter campaign, is the brainchild of French engineering student Guillaume Rolland, who has one numerous awards -- including a CES 2016 Innovation Award -- for his design.

"Human beings were not meant to wake up to iPhone alarms," Rolland remarks in a news release. "We are proud of everything we've accomplished so far, and we want to keep bringing happiness to our customers' mornings."


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