‘Snow Dragon’ Machine Is Where Winter Goes to Die

posted: 01/28/16
by: Danny Clemens

D.C., MEET THE "SNOW DRAGON": On loan from an Indianapolis snow removal crew, it will remain at RFK Stadium until the job is done. This monster machine melts 60 tons of snow per hour, and pumps out 260 gallons of water per minute!

Posted by NBC Washington on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

After Mother Nature had her way with the Mid-Atlantic last weekend, municipalities throughout the region were left to deal with a crippling amount of snow.

Authorities in the nation's capital have tasked a machine dubbed the 'Snow Dragon' with the monstrous job of melting some of the accumulated snow, which stands piled in mounds more than ten feet tall and obstructs road lanes, parking lots and sidewalks.

The Snow Dragon SND1800, which is on loan from a company in Indianapolis, is currently making its way through the massive collection of snow at RFK Stadium, where it melts 60 tons of snow each hour. Running at full capacity, the machine spits out 260 gallons of water each minute.

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In the machine's giant hopper, the melting process begins as snow is sprayed in a luxurious hot water bath sourced from previously melted snow. As it begins to melt, the snow passes through a series of screens, which catch debris -- manmade or otherwise -- collected by plows in the snow piles. Another filtration system also removes oil and other "non-soluble products" from the melted snow, according to Snow Dragon's website.

Now fully melted, the snow then exits the machine through a hose, which directs runoff into a nearby storm drain or drainage pond.

H/T Elizabethany, video via WRC-TV


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