The Cure for MRSA? Garlic, Cow Bile and Wine

posted: 03/31/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
MRSA bacteria

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have discovered a surprisingly simple, forgotten 10th-century remedy for antibiotic-resistant superbug MRSA.

Originally intended as a salve to cure an eye infection, the remedy was discovered in Bald's Leechbook, which is believed to be one of the oldest surviving medical textbooks. Written in Old English, the recipe calls for specific ratios of garlic, onion, cow bile and wine, and provides specific instructions for the potion's nine-day preparation.

"We found that Bald's eye salve is incredibly potent as an anti-staphylococcal antibiotic in this context," said Dr. Freya Harrison, of Nottingham's School of Life Sciences. She added that the salve effectively reduced a MRSA colony from billions of cells to thousands.

"At the moment, there is a big danger that we are losing the ability to fight infection with antibiotics," said Dr. Christina Lee, of Nottingham's School of English. "We chose this recipe in Bald's Leechbook because it contains ingredients, such as garlic, that are currently investigated by other researchers on their potential antibiotic effectiveness."

Click here for the full news release from the University of Nottingham


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