This Is the Best Use of a Hoverboard That We’ve Seen

posted: 01/11/16
by: Danny Clemens

Tradies in the future!! Instagram - jackson_odoherty

Posted by Jackson ODoherty on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

If you've been on social media at any point since the holidays, you've likely been subjected to dozens of viral videos of people falling off of their shiny new hoverboards. The Internet can't seem to stop gawking at bright-eyed children as their dreams of hoverboard nirvana come crashing down -- literally.

Enter Jackson O'Doherty, an Australian entertainer who flips the viral hoverboard video paradigm on its head. In a video currently making the rounds on Facebook, the enterprising O'Doherty masterfully employs his hoverboard as he carries out a variety of physical tasks, from mowing the lawn to painting a wall.

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Meanwhile, the rest of us common folk aren't having quite as much luck with our hoverboards. Reports of fires and injuries associated with the gadget have risen a reported 25% in recent weeks, and e-commerce behemoth Amazon has gone so far as to urge customers to discard their hoverboards, citing the risk of spontaneous combustion.


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