This Robot Has Never Lost a Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors

posted: 09/18/15
by: Renee Morad for Discovery News
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What does it take to never lose a game of rock-paper-scissors? Well, being a robot equipped with high-speed vision certainly helps.

The rock-paper-scissors defending champ Janken -- a robot developed by the University of Tokyo's Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory -- has not only never lost a match, but has gotten impressively faster in its reaction time over the years.

The first version of the robot, unveiled in 2012, had a 20-millisecond delay after the opponent showed his hand. In the second version, the robot showed its hand at the same time as the human. In the third version, however, the robot makes its move even faster -- if that's even possible. But one thing hasn't wavered through it all, and that's the 100 percent win rate.

Janken 3.0 is quicker than its predecessors in part due to its 1-millisecond auto pan-tilt feature, which extends its field of view. The robot, through its superfast vision and tracking system, can identify the move that the human player will choose and then form its winning gesture within 20 milliseconds. In comparison, a human takes an average of 60 milliseconds to complete the process.

You can take a closer look at the robot's impressive ability in this video below, and realize that you too probably wouldn't stand a chance.

Besides defending its winning streak, the robot is also helping researchers further develop precise action technologies that can be applied to factories and other situations that demand immediate and accurate responses.

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