This ‘Universal Shredder’ Can Destroy A Car

posted: 11/18/15
by: Discovery.com Staff

At times, even the most skilled mechanic can't save a wrecked car. What happens to a clunker after it bites the dust and its salvageable parts are removed?

It meets the VZ950, also known as the Universal Shredder:


A product of German sustainable engineering firm ARJES, the Universal Shredder employs a 768 horsepower engine capable of shredding almost anything, from scrap metal to timber to consumer waste. Depending on the material that it is fed, the 90,000-ton machine can eat up to 180 tons of scrap per hour.

After the VZ950 has its way with the jalopies of yesteryear, the metal scraps that remain are suitable for recycling -- a process that ARJES eloquently describes as "reducing the volume of valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals."

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ARJES boasts on its website that the shredder's patented T-blade profile guarantees energy savings of up to 15%. The company also produces a version of VZ950 with an electric engine, which meets "special requirements for exhaust and noise emissions."

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