Will Twitter Bump Character Limit to 10K?

posted: 01/05/16
by: Tracy Staedter for Discovery News
Twitter hashtag illustration

Is Twitter pulling a Facebook on us? That's the chirp on the street, according to Kurt Wagner at Re/Code.

The short messaging giant already upped its character limit on Direct Messages back in August, allowing users to write up to 10,000 in a pop.

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In an interview with the Verge, Sachin Agarwal, product manager for DMs, said he wanted direct messaging to be the place where folks talked about what they had read on Twitter. "We want to make sure you can really fluidly move between public and private," he told Casey Newton.

So I suppose it should come as no surprise that Twitter is also increasing the character limit for Tweets.

If you're worried that Twitter is just going to look like Facebook, hold your grimace. According to Re/Code, bigger tweets have reduced user engagement in the past and nobody wants that. Not you. Not Twitter.

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Apparently they are experimenting with a design that won't change the look of your Twitter feed. Tweets will appear as if they're 140 characters but have an option to expand to see the rest, if there's more.

They're already making use of the ellipses for extra long URLs, which I think looks a bit sloppy. I'd go for something a little more elegant.

Now that Jack's back, the company is toying with upgrading/improving/enhancing the interface. In October, they unveiled Project Lightning, a multimedia update that includes a product called Moments, which essentially groups Tweets together under one topic.

Also, don't get too attached to your feed's reverse chronological order. Just saying.

via Re/Code

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