World’s Highest Man-Made Wave Produced in the Netherlands

posted: 10/09/15
by: Danny Clemens

A hydraulic research facility in the Netherlands has just produced the world's highest artificial wave.

Spanning nearly 1,000 feet, the Delta Flume is capable of producing waves that reach nearly 16 feet. The facility's 32-foot wave board can simulate wave patterns commonly found in a variety of different aquatic settings, from oceans to rivers. A massive reservoir the size of four Olympic swimming pools supplies the facility with more than two millions gallons of water.

After thee years of construction, dignitaries were on hand earlier this week to send the facility's inaugural wave crashing through the flume:

Research housed in the facility, which is owned by Dutch research institute Deltares, will investigate technology that mitigates the destructive impact of extreme waves.

"The Delta Flume shows that we have everything we need to be the planet's testing ground. And there are benefits for everyone," Infrastructure and Environment Minister Schultz van Haegen remarks in a news release. "We are leading the way with innovative solutions for our own water challenges. And we can supply other countries with the expertise we develop."

Although impressive, the flume's 16-foot waves are no match for Mother Nature. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the tallest documented tsunami towered 100 feet into the air and traveled nearly 2,000 feet inland in 1958.

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