You Can Now Get Your Face 3-D Printed on a Lego Head

posted: 01/05/16
by: Danny Clemens
3-D Printed Lego heads

Childhood dreams everywhere are about to come true: You can now get your face made into a custom 3-D printed Lego head.

For a mere $30.10, Lincoln, England-based Etsy seller funky3Dfaces will combine two-dimensional photographs into a three-dimensional Lego head that stands half an inch high.

The full-color heads, which are neither created nor endorsed by Lego, are printed onto a sandstone material and feature a standard Lego peg-sized hole at the neck.

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Much to the chagrin of Lego wig and hat connoisseurs, the custom noggins don't come with head-top holes for interchanging hairstyles and accessories. The seller will, however, craft a specialized hairdo at the time of order.

According to its website, funky3Dfaces is the passion project of 3-D printer who specializes in constructing artificial bones for the medical industry and models for architectural industry.

"Although we do enjoy making bones and buildings we wanted to use the technology we had to make something fun and affordable to the masses," the company explains.


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