Airlifted Black Rhino Has Baby in Botswana

posted: 09/22/15
by: Discovery News
Airlifted rhino
Martin Harvey/Gallo Images/Getty Images

A black rhino that was airlifted in June from Zimbabwe to Botswana has just given birth, News24 reports.

Given that today is World Rhino Day, that makes news of a new addition to the critically endangered species all the better.

The proud mother endured the move while very close to bearing her child and was among a total of eight that were taken to Botswana's Okavango Delta.

The last few months have gone smoothly for the relocated rhinos.

"The condition of almost all the released animals is fairly good and they have adapted to the local vegetation very well," said The Malilangwe Trust, via News24. The group had arranged to donate the animals as part of an ongoing program among governments.

The black rhinoceros is under constant threat from poachers. The organization International Rhino Foundation says more than 1,200 were killed in South Africa alone in 2014 and that this year was so far tracking to be even worse.

via News24

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