Aquarium Rehabilitates Sea Turtle That Died Twice

posted: 04/11/15
by: Danny Clemens
Loggerhead sea turtle release
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South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program staff release a rehabilitated loggerhead sea turtle into the ocean.
South Carolina Aquarium

Veterinarians at the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program have released two rehabilitated loggerhead sea turtles into the ocean after one of the turtles died - twice.

The turtle, Lazarus, suffered from dangerously low amounts of blood sugar, iron and protein after being discovered off of the coast of Garden City, South Carolina. According to Dr. Shane Boylan, the turtle frantically gasped for air and eventually became unresponsive as its eyes sank back into its head, a well-known sign of death in turtles.

Boylan administered epinephrine and assisted the turtle with its breathing until it regained consciousness. Lazarus was put on a respirator and had another similar close call with death just days later. Despite an initial poor prognosis, the turtle was recently given a clean bill of health after almost a year of intensive care.

On Friday, Lazarus was released with another rehabilitated turtle 40 miles off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.

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