Big Game Hunting Ban Lifted in Hwange National Park

posted: 08/10/15
by: Danny Clemens
Lion mother with cub
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Officials have lifted the moratorium on big game hunting in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park less than two weeks after it was imposed, NBC News reports.

After consulting with representatives from the hunting industry, Zimbabwean officials announced that stricter regulations will supplant the all-out ban on big game hunting. Park staff must now accompany hunters in the park at all times. Following a kill, hunters must submit a detailed report.

Big game hunting is still, however, banned on the Hwange-adjacent farmland where American dentist Walter Palmer shot and killed Cecil the lion last month. Officials have also maintained the ban on several other small properties that have allegedly hosted illegal hunting parties.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe expressed outrage and disappointment toward the Zimbabwean people for failing to protect Cecil and the other lions illegally killed in recent months.

"All this wildlife is yours, we should protect them. They should not be shot by a gun, it's a sin. Or an arrow. I was stopped from killing animals with an arrow when I was seven or eight years old," Mugabe said.

"Cecil the lion is yours. He is dead but yours to protect, and you failed to protect him," he added.

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