Clever Dolphin Retrieves Cell Phone Dropped into Ocean

posted: 10/01/15
by: Danny Clemens

Most cell phones dropped into the ocean never see the light of day again -- unless they're dropped near an especially helpful dolphin.

One such clever cetacean, named Cacique, recently came to the rescue of Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee. During a Heat photoshoot in the Bahamas, Cee's phone went plunging unexpectedly into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Determined to save the day, Cacique dove to the sea floor, retrieved the phone and returned it to Cee:

True Story: While in the Bahamas, I had the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins on #BlueLagoonIsland. We were filming on this floating platform in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So, against a my better judgment I asked someone to hold my phone for me and he accidentally dropped my phone into water and it sank to the bottom. Cacique, the dolphin, actually retrieved my phone and brought it back up to me. Cutest thing ever! #Unbelievable #Bahamas #DolphinEncounter

Posted by Teressa Cee on Monday, September 21, 2015


As Cee points out in the video, "It's never gonna work again!" -- but it's the thought that counts, right?

It's widely known that dolphins are intelligent creatures -- in fact, recent research suggests that dolphins could be the second smartest animals on Earth behind humans:

First, various features of the dolphin neocortex -- the part of the brain involved in higher-order thinking and processing of emotional information -- are "particularly expanded" in dolphins.

Second, behavioral studies conducted by Marino and other experts demonstrate that dolphins exhibit human-like skills. These include mirror self-recognition, cultural learning, comprehension of symbol-based communication systems, and an understanding of abstract concepts.

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